Big Brother 24 Live Feeds Week 10: Thursday’s highlights of the day

It’s eviction day inside Big Brother House 24! We have Taylor and Alyssa on the block for tonight’s live eviction on Big Brother and both candidates are set to be shocked by their closest allies at home. Read on to find out what the plan moves into tonight’s live vote and eviction on BB24.

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Big Brother 24 Live Highlights – Thursday 15 September 2022:

9:20AM GMT – Taylor got up and walked around.

9:40 a.m. BBT – Taylor works out at the gym. Everyone is still asleep.

10:15 a.m. GMT – The rest of the house’s guests got their wake-up call.

10:25 AM BBT – Monty says good morning to Taylor and they talk about music this morning. They played Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy,” TLC’s “No Scrubs” and something from the Black Panther soundtrack.

11:30 a.m. GMT – Monty, Turner and Taylor talk about some of their past guests and their gameplay.

11:37AM GMT – Feeds were cut short to wake Brittany and Alyssa. Brittany tells Alyssa that she still does (votes Taylor) because if (Turner) were to lie to her by chance, she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.

11:39 a.m. BBT – Brittany tells Alyssa about her conversation with Turner and how Turner told her he’s not planning to give Alyssa a sympathy vote or warn her that she’s going. Brittany tells her that she tried to tell Turner that Alyssa would be destroyed and would probably never talk to him again if he did. She added that Turner said Alyssa told him so, but she feels that if their entire friendship hinged on this vote, it wouldn’t be as strong as he first thought.

11:43AM GMT – Brittany has confirmed with Alyssa that Alyssa has her voice to stay tonight.

11:45AM PST – Feeds on adopted animals have been cut for HOH security and tech rehearsals.

1:21 PM Bahrain time – Return of feeds.

1:23pm GMT – Taylor asks Brittany if she still has it and Brittany answers yes. She quickly asks what Turner will do and Taylor assures that Turner will keep Taylor this week. Brittany can’t believe Turner would vote for her, and adds that it was his game that screwed up, not hers.

1:26 p.m. GMT – Brittany tells Taylor that Alyssa expects it with her (to be voted on) but not from Turner. Especially when it can be a tie.

1:40pm BST – Taylor is in the middle bedroom, while Alyssa avoids the task by trying to play Go Fish with Turner in the kitchen. Neither of them seem to know the rules of the game.

1:47 p.m. GMT – Brittany tells Alyssa that she has spoken to Taylor and has the impression Turner is voting to keep Taylor. She reiterates that Alyssa has her vote to stay regardless, and if for some reason Alyssa is leaving tonight, she will tell them she gave Alyssa a sympathetic vote because she knew Turner wasn’t. Brittany thinks it won’t make a difference.

1:49 PM BBT – Taylor fills in Turner with her conversation with Brittany and Turner says he hopes their (B&A) conversation is about Brittany and not about him. Knowing Brittany, Taylor says, it won’t be all about herself.

1:53pm GMT – Turner comes to keep Alyssa company while she’s packing and asks what her conversation with Brittany was about. She says she was just telling her she didn’t vote to keep it, which she assumed anyway because she and Taylor are close. He adds that she appreciates her sincerity. She says everything will come down to Monty.

1:57 PM BBT – Alyssa asks Turner if he thinks she has a chance with Monty and says he does. He knows that Monty is close to Taylor but he doesn’t know where their play relationship is.

2:27 PM BBT – Alyssa tells Turner she’s going to talk to Monty and wish her well, wish her well and leave the room. Then, the camera in the car room zooms in on the smiling Turner because he knows Alyssa is going to the jury’s house tonight.

2:44 PM BBT – Monty asks Taylor how she’s doing and says she’s fine. It is mentioned that Brittany told Alyssa that she was voting to keep Taylor (she actually told Alyssa the opposite), and Monty adds that Turner would do whatever he wanted (she voted to keep Taylor).

3:05 PM BBT – Alyssa talks to Monty and informs him that Brittany has already told her she’s not voting for her to stay, but she’s fine with Turner.

3:08pm BST – Monty tells Alyssa that his biggest fear next week is Brittany. He adds that his next concern is who is going to win HOH and he has a really good relationship with Turner and Taylor, so that’s how he leans. She thanks him for being honest with her.

3:32 p.m. GMT – Monty tells Taylor that he told Alyssa that he was voting to keep Taylor if it came to a tie.

3:35pm GMT – Alyssa tells Turner that Monty is leaning toward keeping Taylor. She asks if she still has Turner’s vote even if Monty is leaning toward keeping Taylor and he tells her yes.

3:38 p.m. GMT – Feeds were clipped on adopted animals for the preparation of live shows.

There you are, people! We’ll wrap up week 10 with Turner voting for his number one ally and Brittany voting for her as well during tonight’s live eviction. Monty, who is not expecting a tie-breaker tonight, will likely have to and when he does, Alyssa will be sent home to the jury. This will leave Taylor, Monty, Turner and Brittany in F4 and a bigger target will be plotted on Brittany’s back in Week 11. Be sure to come back later for all the night spoilers to clear out and see who goes to win the week 11 HOH contest!

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