Is NCIS: Hawaiian Shippers Have the Best Week? Where was the Syrian Virtual University Karisi? Is DWTS rushed? And more from Qs TV

We have questions, and you (maybe) have answers! As another week of TV goes by, we ask questions left and right about Lotsa programs including NCIS: HawaiiAnd the Reboot, Andor and the Law and order Crossover event!

1 | So…how did CBS do Not In memorial of mash50th Anniversary in All?

2 | won’t/shouldn’t seal teamLisa started to speak Many Soon after Stella opens the door, instead of giving Clay’s wife two seconds to fear the worst?

3 | Which Dragon House Fans joining us wish the doomed Mrs. Rhea has been around for more than a few minutes in one episode?

4 | creative like Tales of the walking dead Was, wouldn’t your interest in the series have been 100 times greater if all the episodes, rather than one episode, were about characters we already had some investment in?

Dancing with the stars5 | This is not what we wanted Dancing with the starsThe first episode lasts forever, but why was the show in such a rush to finally finish? Doesn’t streaming on Disney+ mean you can get past 10pm for a few minutes? Also, have you almost been craving a business break – or Which Intermission between dances – after a while?

6 | Will be NCISReally made Vance NCIS: HawaiiJane and Ernie fly nine hours each way for planning a meeting?

7 | Has any fan base season started better than NCIS: HawaiiShippers # Cassie? (Speaking of which, is it also too early to ‘charge kay and ‘bam bam’?) Admit it, Fletch At the cinema last weekend, did Bam Bam remind you of Grays?

8 | on me Bob Hearts AbisholaHow good is Marybeth Monroe’s impression of her TV mom, Kristen Ebersole? If you close your eyes, you’ll never know that this was Christina, not Dottie!

9 | if NeighborhoodThe original Miss Haninigan story movie was real, who were you going to star in?

10 | We know it was a bit, but in 2022, it was a really good idea the sound To have an old white man (Blake Shelton) over and over, literally “muffle” a woman (Camila Cabello)? Also, can the program stop using animals as props? (That poor goat!)

11 | why would Cleaning ladyTony risks returning to the motel to identify Marco’s body, when she is most likely (and I wasSpotted by the manager who lied to him earlier? Was she naive not to believe there might be surveillance cameras?

12 | Which industry The character is more titled: Harper or Jasmine? Would Harper believe when she said she didn’t know she was involved in insider trading? Who do you think drew the company’s attention to its fake text? And is there anyone else who doubts why exactly Harper refused to return to New York? (Could you run away from something we’re not familiar with yet?)

the patient13 | Plus it is well made and interesting as Hulu the patient Ho, do you find it difficult to muster the enthusiasm to watch each week given the increasingly bleak and depressing trajectory of the series? Plus, didn’t Steve Carell, without his beard and gray hair in a flashback, look like Michael Scott again?

Hulu restart14 | why would he do Reboot‘s show-within-a-show step right up, which aired seemingly in the early 2000s, looks like a Miller-Boyette comedy from the ’80s, right down to its cheesy headline sequence? While watching fake Hulu executives bump up a list of comedy revivals, reboots, and sequels, did you notice that the only person they he did not do The reference to the original series title was Hulu’s very own title How did I meet your father? Did you go about not knowing that the series was created by modern familySteve Levitan, did you have a hunch after that family development at the end of Episode 1?

15th | The bachelorette It aired a three-hour (!) season finale, and yet didn’t find any time to meaningfully engage with Erich’s blackface yearbook photo? The only topic that really deserves a specific discussion? Didn’t the arrival of Avene the White Knight at the end of Rachel and Tino’s breakup feel like an artificial way to give her a happy ending? (Forgot why you gave up on Avene in the first place?)

FBI Most Wanted16 | she did FBI: Most Wanted Going a bit over it with Barnes closing horns with new captain Remy on her return from maternity leave? Also, could Remy’s secret “biker” character scream “cop!!!” Which is louder? (Yekes, did he really say at some point, “All is well in wood”??)

17 | The Handmaid’s Tale Viewers: After all this time and all these attempts, can anything Kill Janine?

18 | on me AndorWhat will Chief Karn think when he finds out that his DI not only covered up the death of the Rangers, but instead launched an entire manhunt that may have gotten a half dozen more Kill the corpse?

Goldberg19 | she did Goldberg The premiere’s biggest laugh came when Erica revealed her mother’s “tombstone” to leave Murray? Lots of narrow eggs!

20 | We know the powers that be at their hands, but isn’t it strange to see a new Conners Title sequence featuring Ben, but Not Louise and Neville (played by recurring guest stars Katie Sagal and Nat Faxon)? And if Lake Michigan cabins don’t have cell reception, how exactly did Darlene get an Uber home? (And could she have given Uber to take her back a hundred miles or so to Lanford?)

21 | don’t believe the sky is big Going thereBut was there, like, a weird threesome vibe between Beau, Jenny, and Cassie in their scenes together? And were you surprised to hear Cassie talk about her relationship with Lindor as if it was something official or boyfriend/girlfriend? Doesn’t it seem more casual to you?

22 | Do you think Chicago BDUpton and Halstead mean that when they say they’re good with each other?

star girl23 | Looking at the backlog, you didn’t expect star girlCameron to do something a bit more elaborate/Elsa-like with his ice powers right there in the gazebo/park, rather than just creating a little flash?

24 | Now after all survivor One day the player knows that a boat ride equals a potential advantage, so how can anyone be expected to keep anything a secret? And should the show have canceled Shot in the Dark, just as it did in Hourglass and Do or Die?

Vampire Academy changes explained25 | Do vampire academy Reminds You Star Daniela Nieves (aka Lisa) originals‘Phoebe Tonkin?

26 | on me Strong womanDid Mallory and Nikki’s conference with many of Mr. Immortal’s husbands take the same amount of time as Jane’s two-day wedding…? Speaking of which, did Jin receive an invitation full of glitter to be a bridesmaid just beforeOr, was the cold open some kind of flashback?

27 | rings of strength Fans, who just want a spin-off with Elrond and Durin?

28 | during ABC Norman Lear Special GreetingsDid the person who arranged the round table seating not realize that Jennifer Aniston would never be on camera?

29 | about Thursday Law and order Crossing Event: 🅐 in the first half of organized crime/ Part 1, Were you convinced it was a mother episode? 🅑 Does Shaw Mehcad Brooks really feel a better fit than the work of Bernard played by Anthony Anderson against Jeffrey Donovan’s Cosgrove? 🅒 while we get Why OG Law and order Should air in Part 3, could that last hour – save for the shootout that almost take Rollins’ life – be more sleepy? 🅓 How were viewers supposed to focus on the issue at hand when Rollins’ fate was left up in the air until the end? 🅔 and where the heck I was Carisi for the extra two hours before Rollins’ injury?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other questions you’re interested in sharing!

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