The Dodgers remove Craig Kimbrel from a closer role

Director Dave Roberts informed reporters (including Fabian student the athlete). Craig Kimbrel He will play in different roles while the club takes a changing approach to the ninth half based on matches.

Roberts did not guarantee that he would still stick to the committee’s approach during the playoffs, although it is hard to imagine the Dodgers removing Kimbrel from the closing round in the last 12 games of the regular season before reinstalling him in the ninth early in the season. The decision comes on the heels of the downturn in production for the eight-time All Star, who has given up in three of its last four games. Homer includes linking the game to Christian Walker To blow up a saving opportunity yesterday against the Diamondbacks. The Dodgers got off to the bottom of the ninth inning anyway, but the surprise advance ended the team’s decision to take a more fluid approach with playoffs on the horizon.

Kimbrel in his first season as a dodger. Acquired from White Sox in a surprising one-for-one trade-off AJ Bullock Just before opening day, he appeared 57 times. Kimbrel certainly wasn’t a disaster. He has a 4.14 ERA across 54 1/3 innings, having 27.2% of opponents above average. His 9.6% gait rate is slightly above the league mark but not an untenable number. He managed to finish 22 of the 27 attempts he made. The right-hand side’s overall production was good if not surprising.

However, Kimbrel clearly didn’t perform at the level the Dodgers had hoped for. The 34-year-old was arguably the best goalkeeper of the match during the first half of last season with the Cubs. While he was disappointed after the trade deadline with the White Sox expired – largely due to house management issues – he still generated a whiff of 17.2% of his showings with the South Sides. That led to some hope that Kimbrel would continue to promote at an elite level in a new environment, but this season’s swing-hit rate of 12.1% is slightly better than average.

Kimbrel’s 9th-stroke takeout should allow Roberts to be wiser to use once Posteason arrives. Maximizing his action against right-handed hitter figures to be a priority. Kimbrel carried the same speculators to the .208/.296/.307 streak across 115 board appearances this season; On the other hand, the Aussir was able to offer a more powerful 266/.355/.431 in 124 flights.

The White Sox picked a $16 million option on Kimbrel for this season before trading it with LA. He’s in the final few weeks of that deal and will be hitting free agency for the second time in his career this season. In the meantime, he will remain part of one of the best relief teams in the game.

The Dodgers feeling that they are equipped to take their careers off the ninth inning is a testament to the strength of their remaining bulls. Los Angeles enters on Friday with the second-lowest ballpin (2.94) and the fourth-best strike percentage (26.5%). Evan PhillipsRays’ waiver claim last August emerged almost immediately as one of the game’s best mitigations. The Slider Specialist had a 1.24 ERA with a 31.8% strike rate over 58 rounds during his breakout campaign. flamethrower Prosdar Graterol The proportion of the globe reached 63.5% to 2.96 era. Deadline to join Chris Martin She has a mark of 1.71 with a funny 26:1 walking ratio since landing in Los Angeles. South Bow Alex Physia He has a Bullpen best hit rate (34.6%) and a 2.24 ERA at 51 2/3 frames.

This quartet looks the most likely to take on the most influential action in the playoffs. Roberts can also contact Kimbriel, Phil Bickford And the Tommy Canley From the right side, while Caleb Ferguson and rehabilitation David Price They are left-handed options. Forget the Monte He had a great season on his own and is on a rehab job with Triple-A Oklahoma City, and there’s still potential. Blake Trains Back to the playoff (although Treinen is currently on the injured list and continues to battle shoulder pain).

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