Everything is announced at the Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2022 - IGN

Everything is announced at the Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2022 – IGN

Annapurna’s second annual Interactive Showcase just wrapped up, during which we got a glimpse of a ton of new projects in development, updates, and a handful of upcoming releases from the Stray, Neon White, Sayonara Wild Hearts and tons more.

In case you missed the show or wanted to remember that cool game whose name you didn’t catch, here’s everything we just saw at the showcase:

thirsty suits

From Outerloop Games (Falcon Age), we got a new, more in-depth look at Thirsty Suitors, an upcoming RPG that mixes elements of dating sims, turn-based battles, and skateboard mechanics. Play as Jala, a young woman who returns home for her sister’s wedding and is forced to confront and reconcile with her multiple exes, while managing family expectations and repairing relationships with friends and family. family. Although we didn’t get a release date this time around, we saw quite a bit of gameplay, and there’s now a free demo on Steam. Thirsty Suits will be released on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass.


From the creator of the stylish Prune tree-growing puzzle, Hindsight received a brand new trailer today with a first-time release date. Hindsight is a story-driven game that spans a woman’s life from birth to the present day, where physical objects can become real windows into the past. It will be released on August 4 on iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

A new project from the creators of Kentucky Route Zero

Cardboard Computer made an appearance at the showcase to reveal that after their nearly decade-long work on Kentucky Route Zero, the studio is now working on a brand new project. Although we didn’t see a trailer, we were able to see the team working on modeling a dog. And the team gave a handful of descriptions of the project, including that it’s the first project where Cardboard Computer “really focuses on performance as the core part of the piece”, and that it has a ” different tempo” from Kentucky Route Zero – it’s “faster” and “hopefully funnier”.

It might be a while before we get a glimpse of this new project, but if it’s the beautiful, episodic Kentucky Route Zero, it’s definitely worth watching.

Bounty Star: The Grim History of Graveyard Clem

Dinogod Studio has revealed the game it’s finally working on, called Bounty Star: The Morose Tale of Graveyard Clem. It appears to be an Old West-style shooter where the main character is a woman piloting a cool, almost Titanfall-esque mech, and it’s all set to music by Brother Edge. Bounty Star will be released next year on PlayStation, PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

Yarn Owl – Development Update

Texas and Georgia-based studio Yarn Owl took part in a segment to talk about the founding of the studio and its inspiration from A Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. We didn’t see the gameplay or any clear details about the studio’s plan, but we did see some cute character models jumping into a world with an adventure, almost like Wind Waker.

Outer Wildlands

Last year at the Annapurna showcase, Mobius Digital announced (among other things) that Outer Wilds would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. That hasn’t happened yet, and Mobius has reappeared this year to reassure us that yes, the Switch version is still in the works, although the studio doesn’t have a firm date yet. However, there is another update with a more concrete release: Outer Wilds is getting a 60fps update for Xbox Series X and S and PS5. The update is free and arrives on September 15.

The Pathless, Maquette and Solar Ash

A montage featuring The Pathless, Maquette, and Solar Ash played which revealed new platforming builds for all three games. The Pathless will be heading to Xbox and Switch this winter, Maquette will also be on Game Pass and Switch this winter, and Solar Ash will be heading to Steam and Game Pass on December 6th.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Wrapping up the edit above, we learned that what’s left of Edith Finch is getting a 4k, 60fps upgrade for Xbox Series x and S and PS5. The upgrade is free, and surprise, it is now available.


German studio Third Shift appeared to talk about its formation and the creation of its next game Forever Ago. It’s a scripted road adventure about an elderly man who embarks on a journey in his van, traveling through the various landscapes of North America and snapping photos as he goes. It is currently unknown which platforms or when Forever Ago might be released.

Herd: Gather your friends

Flock: Gathering Your Friends was the next step, featuring colorful landscapes with cute little bugs and other animals floating around. We didn’t see a lot of gameplay, mostly great views, but it seems to be a game about one person riding a colorful bird, flying around those landscapes and collecting little floating bugs to follow you around. It will come to Xbox Game Pass, PC via Steam, and PlayStation at a later date.


Hohokum looks like Ynglet and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse had an adorable child, and puts you in control of a little colorful ribbon guy who bounces around the stages, sometimes with a bunch of other colorful friends who following you or riding on your back. Agreed, it’s a little hard to explain, and pretty open-ended if you’ve played it before. But it’s actually a 2014 game developed by Honeyslug for PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita, and it’s available now on PC via Steam.


Katamari Damacy and Wattam creator Keita Takahashi is back, this time with a game called Uvula. Yes, the little dangling thing at the back of the throat. No, we have no idea what it really is or what you’re doing in it; all we saw was a cute Takahashi-style character snoring softly, the camera zoomed in on his uvula, and a dog licking his cheek. Looks cute, whatever!

Dreamfeel – Developer Update

The developers of If Found… appeared on the stream to talk about their inspirations wandering the ruins in Ireland, as well as teasing their next project. Although we didn’t get a game title or gameplay, we learned that the next game will be set in a fantasy version of Ireland and all the characters are cats. At the heart of the idea is the phrase “All that is drowned will one day rise from the depths”.

The lost savage

Finally, the show ended with the reveal of a game from Great Ape Games, called The lost Wild. The Lost Wild appears to be some sort of survival horror game…featuring dinosaurs. Many, many dinosaurs. We discover a first-person view of a dense jungle full of dinos and a frightened player character consulting a compass. There also seems to be some serious vibes in Jurassic Park, as we see sections featuring modern technology, using a flare, lights, whiteboard, and more. No release date yet, but you can now wishlist on Steam if you wish.

Rebekah Valentine is a reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

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