Italy vs England: Nations League – LIVE

Italy: Donnarumma, Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Acerbi, Toloi, Cristante, Jorginho, Dimarco, Raspadori, Scamacca, Barella.
Subs: Meret, Vicario, Luiz Felipe, Pobega, Frattesi, Gnonto, Emerson, Zerbin, Grifo, Gabbiadini, Esposito, Bastoni.


England: Pope, James, Dier, Maguire, Walker, Bellingham, Rice, Sterling, Foden, Saka, Kane.
Subs: Ramsdale, D Henderson, Trippier, Shaw, Grealish, Coady, Ward-Prowse, Tomori, Mount, Bowen, Alexander-Arnold, Abraham.


Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (Spain).

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The last time England played, this happened …

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… so, well, y’know. In fact, England are on a skid of four matches without a win, having made an awful mess of Nations League Group A3 so far. Home and away losses against Hungary, a fortunate draw in Germany, and some goalless tedium in Wolverhampton against Italy have rooted Gareth Southgate’s side to the bottom of the table. If they lose at San Siro tonight, they’ll be cashiered from the top tier with extreme prejudice. In other words, it’s gameface time. Kick off is at 7.45pm BST. It’s on!

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main events

21 minutes: Cristante blocks a simple pass out straight for a single throw. Mancini jumps up and down. The reason for this reaction is a little clearer.

19 minutes: Everything is a little bad now. Bonucci comes through Kane’s back. On the touchline, Southgate applauds. No idea why.

17 minutes: Nothing comes from the corner.

16 minutes: Raspadori rolls the ball away towards Barilla, who is cut short by Saka and doesn’t need much persuasion to get off. Free kick only on the side of the England box. Dimarco and Raspadori take turns on the doll, running in absurd circles, then Dimarco finally moves to the blender. Poorly executed and unreasonable. The ball was deflected out for a corner kick for Italy.

14 minutes: England stabilized after that shaky start. They cycle through the ball, blowing a few whistles from the home fans. Kane turns right and tries to make things happen in a crowded box. Italy rallied and closed the door. Kane tries again down the left. No luck there either but this is much better than the visitors.

12 minutes: England repossesses sterling one from the left. Maguire, who stayed up after the free kick, hits a nice header on goal. Donnarumma grabs without fanfare.

11 minutes: Foden’s delivery is not so good, as he fails to beat the first man.

10 minutes: Jorginho cross from the right. Very close to the pope who claims without fanfare. England climbed to the other end with Sterling, who was fouled as he made his way down the left. free kick. Everyone lines up at the edge of the Italian box.

8 minutes: San Siro is not full, so the vibe is not enough, although Italy continues to dominate possession.

Photograph: Alberto Lingria/Reuters

6 minutes: England is everywhere. Skamaka turns and pushes into a large gap in the middle of the field. He has options on both sides, but decides to take a shot early, sending a gritty inch wide off the left post. I’m not sure Bob would have gotten to that, had he been on target.

5 minutes: Italy started off very brightly. Demarco lashes from the left. Skamaka rises above Maguire in the far stick and sends a header to the upper right. Pope desperately knocks it out from under the crossbar, and Maguire accepts a corner kick. England handled that easily enough.

4 minutes: England is almost undone by a simple ball down the middle. Maguire is ahead, and Raspadori is clearly competing. The Raspadori pearl is a direct shot at Bob, who dodges well. Then the flag rises for offside. Turns out Maguire executed the trap perfectly.

3 minutes: Barilla finds a little space in the lower right and looks to free Dimarco on the other side with a diagonal pass. The ball flies without harm from playing.

1 minute: Cristante leaves a little something on Foden, who can sense it. A daring opening maneuver for the player blocks him away from suspension.

England roll the ball. Tonight’s referee Harry Maguire and Rhys James were sent off the last time he took charge of the England game (against Denmark at Wembley in 2020).

Before the match a moment of silence in memory of Queen Elizabeth II and the victims of the recent floods in Italy. respectfully.

The difference is out! Italy wears their famous azure, while England wears their new World Cup kits, in white with blue epaulets. Work on a few national anthems. (God save the king. It still doesn’t part with the tongue, doesn’t it? Old habits, all that).

Gareth Southgate speaks to Channel Four: “We’re looking for a level of performance, that’s the key. It’s a great stage to come in and play on, against a big opponent. Harry Maguire seems to be in a good place with his training, and it’s not like he’s gone ten weeks without a game. Good process with Judd Bellingham, he dipped his toe into the European Championships, then started, then started some bigger matches.”

Bukayo Saka has a quick word with Channel Four. “We came in a very positive state. The future is more important than the past. We can’t control the past anymore. These two games are very important, the last two games before the World Cup, so we really want to win both of them. That’s our mentality.”

Imagine you were in the room when they agreed on the storyboard for this.

The Italian national team has three players to book, one of whom is absent from next week’s match in Hungary: Brian Cristante, Nicolo Parilla and Alessandro Bastoni.

England have five players who will miss Germany if they see yellow this evening: Kyle Walker, Reese James, Harry Maguire, Jack Grealish and James Ward-Prowse.

Both teams are out of hiding – England beat Hungary 4-0, Italy beat 5-2 in Germany – so there are a lot of changes. Gareth Southgate hit six goals, with Eric Dyer rising for the first time since November 2020, Harry Maguire returning despite not starting in Manchester United’s last four Premier League games, Nick Pope replacing injured Jordan Pickford, Declan Rice and Raheem Sterling and . Phil Foden also started. Roberto Mancini is making seven changes, with Chelsea midfielder Jorginho and West Ham striker Gianluca Scamaca returning to replace the injured Ciro Immobile.

the difference

Italia: Donnarumma, Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Acerbe, Tolui, Cristante, Jorginho, Dimarco, Rasbadori, Scamaca, Barilla.
Subs: Merritt, Vicario, Luiz Felipe, Bubiga, Frattisi, Gonto, Emerson, Zerbin, Grifo, Gabbiadini, Esposito, Bastoni.

England: Pope, James, Deere, Maguire, Walker, Bellingham, Rice, Sterling, Foden, Saka, Kane.
Subs: Ramsdale, D. Henderson, Trippier, Shaw, Grealish, Coady, Ward-Prowse, Tomori, Mount, Bowen, Alexander-Arnold, Abraham.

Rule: Jesus Gil Manzano (Spain).


This happened the last time England played…

… well, you know. Indeed, England are going four games without a win, having made terrible havoc in Group A3 of the Nations League so far. Home and away defeats to Hungary, a lucky draw in Germany and some negative boredom at Wolverhampton against Italy have pushed Gareth Southgate’s side to the bottom of the table. If they lose at the San Siro tonight, they will be drawn first class with heavy prejudice. In other words, it’s time to play. Kick off at 7.45pm GMT. It’s up!

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