Powell reveals what was said in his post-game chat with angry fans

Powell reveals what was said in his post-game chat with angry fans

DARYL Powell has revealed what he said in a post-match chat with a group of Warrington Wolves supporters following yesterday’s loss to Castleford Tigers.

As Powell and the players went to thank the traveling fans after their 35-22 loss, they were met with boos and anger from Wire supporters.

This prompted the head coach to go outside to have a chat and after several minutes he left to a round of applause.

In his post-match press conference, he revealed what was said.

Warrington Wolves boss chats with angry supporters

“I was just asking them to really listen to me because I’m always open to talking to people,” he said.

“I told them I was working seven days a week to try to get us where we wanted to be.

“There were some pretty frustrated and angry people, but I was just telling them I’d tell them whatever they wanted to hear.

“I’m not going to walk away from the fans – I’m happy to talk to anyone.

“It’s not going the way I want – it’s one week and then the next week it’s not, that’s where we are.

“I came here to change the culture and create a championship winning team. I still do that.

“The fact remains that a lot of things needed to be changed and I am still following the process.

“There was a young lady who was quite frustrated and said she shouldn’t pay to watch this, but I was just saying give me some time.

“It would be quite difficult to say that a pre-season was going to change what I think were the things that needed to be changed.

“It’s a tough gig but I tell the players to learn the lessons and improve.

“There’s a good chance we won’t win the competition next year, but I really think we have a great chance of winning it next year.”

Due to the team’s poor form throughout the year, an increasing number of supporters questioned Powell’s position at the club.

It is understood the club remain fully behind their head coach, who has embarked on a complete squad overhaul for this season and beyond.

He also highlighted the young players on his side, using halfback Riley Dean as an example.

From half-time his advantage was frequently targeted defensively before being taken away with a blow to the head early in the second half.

Dean’s head injury failed his in-game assessment, ruling him out of the clash with Hull Kingston Rovers under concussion protocol.

“Keep in mind we have Riley Dean, Matty Nicholson, Josh Thewlis, Matty Ashton and others – young players on this team who are being given opportunities that everyone is talking about,” Powell said.

“I’m here to tell you that you’re going to have performances that go from top to bottom.

“Riley, for example, will learn some key lessons as a halfback about how you start a game today, but I’m not going to throw him under the bus.

“He is a young player who develops and grows and he will learn a lot.

“People say ‘try Riley Dean’ and I tell Riley he’s going to get opportunities.

“He has to be able to take them, but we all have to understand that there are going to be lessons for him.”

To those clamoring for his departure, he said: “I think it would be very harsh to say that I should leave now. I work exceptionally hard.

“If you look at our recruiting, we are right on target and I believe we have what we need to move forward.

“What we need to get is for this team to recover and play consistently from week to week, which we don’t have.

“It’s not for lack of effort or that the players aren’t working hard. We’re up and down in terms of confidence.

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