Coronation Street broadcasts Griff Twist as his secret supporter is confirmed

Coronation Street Spoilers follow.

Coronation Street It is revealed that extremist gang leader Griff Reynolds has a secret ally.

Griff is currently manipulating teenager Max Turner by recruiting him to help spread racist propaganda among the Weatherfield community.

Spider Nugent, working undercover to take down Griff, recently tipped off his fellow policemen about how the villain obtained a secret financial backer.

This theory proved true on Monday’s episode (Dec. 19), where we find out exactly who is funding Griff’s activities.

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At an illegal meeting, Griff talks to Mariah Connor’s political advisor, Cameron, asking for more money.

Chancellor Cameron was reluctant to offer any more money, but Grieve insisted he needed the funds to make more far-right videos.

When the chancellor asked Cameron what he was in for, Grieve replied: “Everything we’re doing is going to drag the political landscape to the right — just as you like it.”

The corrupt politician finally agrees to Griff’s demands, hoping that their alliance will remain a secret.


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The latest scenes come as Max plans to go on a “group camping trip” with Grif and the others.

David Platt tried to stop Max from attending, but felt helpless when the teen vowed to go anyway.

Korean It was previously revealed that Max’s story will come to a head in the new year, when he realizes that Griff may be planning something dangerous at the Weatherfield Peace Market.

Program producer Ian MacLeod recently spoke about the future of the plot, explaining: “The story will involve ‘traditional’ recruitment techniques for extremist groups, and we will see Max personally befriending older mentor-like characters who will give him a sense of loyalty and brotherhood.

Rice drink like Max Turner in Coronation Street

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Then, later in the story, we’ll explore the problem of the 21st century: teens radicalized by viewing extremist content on the Internet.

“Ultimately, we wanted this to be a story about communication within families — what are the right and wrong ways to talk to younger family members who gravitate towards extreme views?

“At the conclusion of the story, David’s misguided attempts to deal with Max will lead the narrative to a harrowing and thought-provoking climax.”

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