Do you have time to watch some movies? Here are 5 Christmas movies to stream

Home Alone is available to stream on Disney+. (Courtesy of Disney+)

It’s the season to tune in to the TV and relax on the couch. While the weather continues its trend of freezing weather, why not stay inside and watch others enjoy the elements? This is my first Christmas in the area so if you have any tips or recommendations feel free to contact me. I’ve spent a good portion of my life in Arizona, so I’m much better at dealing with warmer climates than colder ones. If you think I missed a great movie or you think I’m going to enjoy a certain Christmas movie, my email is always open. The last movie I saw in theaters was “Dragon Ball Z”, so I’m looking forward to broadening my horizons. This may not be a movie but the “Hey Arnold” episode “Arnold’s Christmas”, Arnold’s reunion with Mr. Hyunh’s long-time daughter of his even would be a tear if you’re a millennial. Rugrats’ “A Rugrats Chanukah” was also powerful and taught me a little bit about Judaism. Despite the extremely cold weather and the diseases circling around us, we will make the New Year come out positively one way or another.

1. “Home Alone” (1990)

As a ’90s kid, I had to give this movie a place of respect. I also learned that they made five “Home Alone” sequels so if anyone has “Home Alone 4: Take Back the House” on DVD, let me know. I still can’t believe Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song together. They both seem like decent people. Nowadays Macaulay looks like a game show host so I think he should join The Price is Right gig once Drew Carey steps down. This movie is available on Disney+ and on Amazon.

2. “Elf” (2003)

Few people get more in the Christmas spirit than Will Ferrell, so this movie is a must-watch this time of year. I had no idea the blonde woman in Elf was Zooey Deschanel until now, so I’m honestly surprised. I assumed she had been a brunette her whole life and had a blast from New Girl. I’m not the biggest cinematic person myself, but if I put Will Ferrell in it, I might consider him. This movie is available on HBO Max.

3. “Home Sweet Home Alone” (2021)

Thirty-one years after the original “Home Alone,” Disney decided the next generation also needed to see the franchise. After Disney bought Fox, it was only a matter of time before they put their own version on Disney+ so why not check it out? This movie also features Mikey Day of “Wild ‘n Out” so you know there will definitely be some shenanigans going on. It is available upon request.

4. “Santa Claus” (1994)

Tim Allen’s transformation from dealing with coke to Santa Fe America has to be one of the greatest brands in world history. Tim Allen’s last name isn’t Allen, it’s actually Dick, so he’s an apparently self-conscious liar. Tim Allen killing Santa in real life is probably the most believable scene of his career to be honest considering he got a DUI in 1998. This movie was also pretty solid in my opinion. This movie is currently available on Disney+.

5. “The Friday After Next” (2002)

In my opinion, few people can bring more in the Christmas spirit than Mike Epps and Ice Cube, so why not gather around the fireplace for this 2002 classic? Few people are funnier than Ice Cube, so I definitely recommend this movie about getting the rent money and returning the Christmas presents. This movie is available on HBO Max and Amazon Prime.

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