EastEnders confirms gruesome deaths on the cliff in Mick and Janine’s final showdown?

Linda, Mick and Janine are on standby this Christmas (Image: BBC)

The EastEnders Christmas episode approaches, and a new image sets a sinister cliff-top backdrop for Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), Linda Carter (Kelly Bright) and murderous Janine Butcher (Kelly Bright).

Janine’s menacing face says it all. As the truth of her lies and machinations comes to light, she faces the loss of her dream of a family future with Mick.

The image confirms speculation about a final battle on the edge of a cliff that could end in death.

Filmed not too long ago, the scenes show amazing scenes of a car driving down a cliff.

With Janine and Linda inside due to another vehicle crisis, Mick fears losing his good friend Linda forever.

Disaster strikes when Janine and Mick snap and get him kicked.

Then he ends up at sea diving for the rescue.

Viewers will remember that Mick is a very poor swimmer when seen scooting around in the water.

Deep in the cold water, will this be the end of it?

After all, it’s no secret that the episode will be the last in which the famous actor, Danny, appears.

As it is unlikely that he will leave Walford without Linda by choice, viewers fear that he will die.

Janine would flee the scene, crash-landing her car – but was killed again, and would flee as Charlie also crouches at the height of the explosion.

Janine Butcher, played by Charlie Brooks, exposed at the Christmas dinner table in EastEnders

Janine’s secrets slip out (Image: BBC)

Earlier in the day, Shirley (Linda Carter) confronts Janine over a very awkward dinner table, and the return of Jada Lennox (Kelsey Calden-Smith) will likely expose Janine’s plot to try to separate Linda from her children.

“Janine wants to get Linda away from Jada ASAP — so much so that she invites her to Christmas lunch!” Charlie told us.

You don’t want them to have a conversation, so I think it’s shock and fear driving Janine.

I think Janine is hoping that her power of persuasion and the threat of dragging Jada’s baby away will be enough to keep her from putting everything at risk.

Janine does her best to make a truly wonderful family Christmas, and it just doesn’t work out.

Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, discovers the secrets of Janine the Butcher in EastEnders

The end is near for Mick (Image: BBC)

Linda got as far away from Mick as she could. But when two people are in love, and they have that history, you can always sense it, and that’s the tension in the room.

When everything around Mick falls apart, he realizes Janine’s true nature.

The stage is set for one final showdown. With a stunt and a double exit, does the Reaper make their almost annual visit to Walford?

The EastEnders Christmas Special airs at 9:25pm on BBC One.

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