“Eight Crazy Nights” and 9 more must-see Hanukkah movies

Hanukkah is celebrated for eight special days each holiday season with traditions like spinning the dreidel and lighting the menorah, and now more than ever, it can be spent watching films centered on the Jewish holiday, new and old in a variety of genres.

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Between some classic comedies starring your favorite Jewish actors, the Hallmark Channel in the midst of a Christmas countdown, typical tropes of fun-craving Jewish kids, and the unexpected horror of Hanukkah, there are plenty of options to watch during the Eight Nights. to celebrate.

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Eight crazy nights

Eight crazy nights

in 2002, Adam Sandler I pulled double duty in animation eight crazy nights, which follows a hooligan who is sentenced to community service with a youth basketball team during the holiday season along with a troll-like chief referee, both of whom are voiced by the lead actor in this Hanukkah-themed comedy.

Narrated by co-star Sandler Rob Schneider, The movie also contains a cameo from his own big daddy Co-stars, double acting duoCole Sprouse And the Dylan Sprouse.Eight crazy nights can be streamed Paramount + And the Hulu This holiday season, while… YouTube Movies & TV The movie is offered for free.

“Love, Lights, Chanukah!”

In 2020, Hallmark Channel made history when it premiered its first movie about Hanukkah Love, lights, Hanukkah! championship Boy meets world alum Ben Savage in his first Hallmark appearance alongside Mia Kirshner And the Marilou Henner, The film followed a young woman who, upon learning that she is Jewish, discovers a new world of tradition and falls in love with more than just a new holiday.

Love, lights, Hanukkah!available at + Apple TV And the amazon prime, Also airing throughout the holiday season during the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas countdown.

‘the night before’

the night before

In 2015, Comedy Minds Seth Rogen, Joseph Jordan-Levitt And the Anthony Mackie They got together for the holiday comedy the night before, About three close Jewish friends whose holiday tradition is to get together on Christmas Eve. But with Isaac Rogen about to become a father, the three friends go on one last Christmas Eve adventure before their traditions come to an end.

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narrated it Tracy Morgan, The Night Before is available on several streaming services including Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV+, and can also be found on the air. free form during the holiday season.

“All I want is Christmas.”

Taking some cues from movies like Home Alone and a lesser-known Christmas movie I saw my mom kiss Santa Claus, All I want for Christmas is your typical story about a young Jewish boy who heads off on vacation to Florida and decides to trade places with a kid on his way to Christmastown in an effort to celebrate Christmas.

Starring notable names like Elliott Gould, David DeLuise And the Elijah Nelson In this vacation-balancing film, All I want for Christmas Streams on Amazon Prime and sling tv.

“Eight Hanukkah Gifts”

Eight gifts from Hanukkah It was 2021’s Hanukkah Plus, Hallmark Channel, and Shine Jake Epstein and newcomer Hallmark Inbar Lavi As Daniel and Sarah in the eight-night romance of a woman who receives a gift each night of Hanukkah from a secret admirer and, upon searching for her identity, discovers that she is someone she never expected.

Eight gifts from Hanukkah Available toStream on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, and voodoo, Plus, it airs on the Hallmark Channel throughout the holiday season.

double vacation

double vacation

double vacation is a 2019 Hallmark Channel romantic rom-com that casts a Jewish woman named Rebecca to organize her company’s Christmas party, who inadvertently enlists the help of rival Christmas co-worker Chris to manage both holiday celebrations while an unexpected romance floats between them.

This movie follows Carly Pope A character who embraces some newfound Christmas spirit and Christopher Polha The character learns some Hanukkah traditions andAvailable to stream on Hulu, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, and Vudu, while it also airs on the Hallmark Channel during Countdown to Christmas.



Among comics and animated flicks, if you’re looking for a horror movie that will fulfill all your holiday needs, this 2019 movie is simply titled Hanukkah A must-see movie about a father and son duo who set out to kill fellow Jews in a ritual they call the “Festival of the Frites,” a reference to their disguised selves as Hanokeller.

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The movie stars a slew of talents including the ’70s slasher star PJ slippers From curry And the HalloweenFame – even mentioning her memorable lines from Halloween On film – and can currently only be found on Amazon Prime.

“Candlestick in the Middle”

life times It has hopped on board with Hanukkah traditions in recent years, and in 2022 it premieres candlestick in the middle, championship Lucy DeVito And the Jonah Platt In this typical holiday romance, which includes a hometown vacation, a struggling family business, and unexpected love between old friends.

Despite the endangerment of her family’s bakery, her father’s unexpected health crisis and the return home of her new fiancé, Sarah learns the meaning of the season thanks to her old friend Ben N. candlestick in the middle, Streaming on Hulu and broadcasting on Lifetime throughout the holiday season.

Mistletoe and candlestick

Mistletoe and candlestick

Mistletoe and Menorahs Another movie starring Jake Epstein Kelly Jackel In this romantic movie that attends Hanukkah for a woman celebrating Christmas and Christmas for a Jewish man. When Christy needs to catch Hanukkah to impress a client, she gets help from Jonathan, who in return needs help making his apartment Christmas to impress his girlfriend’s family.

The first Lifetime movie to be released about Hanukkah, Mistletoe and MenorahsIt streams on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Vudu while also airing on Lifetime during the holiday season.

“Hanukkah on Rye”

Broadcasting as part of the Hallmark Channel’s 2022 countdown to Christmas, Hanukkah is rye It follows a shooting couple on the spot after they set it up together, until they learn they’re competing for the deli and must navigate the holiday season while battling their blossoming feelings.

championship Yael Groblas in her Hallmark debut alongside the actor Jeremy Jordan Latest movies on the topic of Hanukkah for the networkIt premiered on the first day of Hanukkah on December 18, 2022, and is expected to air throughout the rest of the holiday season on the Hallmark Channel.

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