Ephraim Hardcastle: Beatrice gave the nod to Harry for the photoshoot at the Queen’s Cottage

Princess Beatrice gave Harry and Meghan the nod for a photo shoot at Queen’s Cottage

Princess Beatrice, one of the few royals still in contact with Harry and Meghan, has given them permission to film at Queen Wendy’s massive home at Windsor Castle for Netflix entertainment. Called Y Bwthyn Bach, it was the sixth birthday of Princess Elizabeth of Wales in 1932. In 2010, Her Majesty passed guardianship of the house to Princess Beatrice, who oversaw a year-long renovation before inviting Andrew Marr inside for The Diamond Queen for the BBC In 2012, it was the first time television cameras were allowed in. But when you gave access to the Montecito Two, did you know they’d be drinking tea while making money off one of the Queen’s most private retreats?

His name was Y Bwthyn Bach, and it was the sixth birthday of Princess Elizabeth of Wales in 1932

Harry and Meghan complained that the two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace was too small for them, and neglected to explain that it was a temporary dock while the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester moved from their 21-room flat in KP to allow the Sussexes an expensive renovation. At the last minute, the Sussex decided they did not want to live there and the Queen offered Frogmore Cottage in Windsor instead. Staff were moved and £2.4 million was spent making it suitable for the Sussex lifestyle. It’s strange how different memories are.

Gillian Anderson, pictured, wasn’t thanked for getting into character while playing a witch in the movie version of the children’s book Room on the Broom. “I went in and signed up for the whole day as a guffaw gawk,” she says. And then I got a call from them, and they said, “You know, we listened to the recordings — and we really love that you do that for this character.” We don’t want this [does a witchy voice]”Ha-ha!”

Tom Watson’s anchoring on the red benches infuriates Lord Haig, who says, “I don’t want him in my house.” He accuses the Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer of weakness in pushing for his promotion to the former deputy leader of the Labor Party, and adds: “His behavior towards some people of high repute, including my dear friends such as Lord Brittan, was contemptible.” However, the so-called Nonce Finder General is now Lord Watson of the Wyre Forest. Discusses the.

Chips Channon’s famous arranger, Simon Heffer, seeks information about the vicious feud between Channon’s jealous lovers, the playwright Terence Rattigan and the handsome Major Peter Coats, aide-de-camp to General Wavell. “They had a bitch fight, and Coates won,” Hever says. But there is no diary of the period when it happened, and I think Sheps was very distressed to keep it, or Coates destroyed it after Scheps died. I just do not know.

When asked by GB News presenter Gloria De Piero what he does to relax, Jacob Rees-Mogg replied, “When I want to relax, I go to the House of Commons and lie on the front bench.” The member of the eighteenth century has nothing to call a giraffe.

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