Every George Clooney horror movie, ranked from worst to best

George Clooney has only appeared in a handful of horror movies, but each movie was unique in its own way; How do they rank side by side?

Not much Horror movies George ClooneyBut it sure is a unique group. Before Clooney landed his breakout role ER’s Doug Ross, was a working actor who appeared in various odd jobs on the big and small screen. He starred in the thriller red wavesappearing as a guest on shows such as She wrote the murder And the golden girls and starred in the short-lived sitcom baby talk. ER It changed his career path, however.

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After leaving the medical drama and starring in hits like Ocean ElevenClooney has often focused on more mature material such as Michael Clayton or Good evening and good luck, which he also directed. While dabbling in genre fare such as science fiction with gravityHe has largely avoided action and horror films. In fact, most of George Clooney’s horror films were shot Before Became famous. While he may not be a huge fan of horror, at least his outings are never boring.

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4. Grizzly 2: Revenge (1983, 2021)

George Clooney and Laura Dern in Grizzly 2

One of Clooney’s first gigs was the “Lost” sequel. Grizzly 2: Revengea sequel to 1976 Jaws rip off grizzly. The film’s opening pairs Clooney with Laura Dern and Charlie Sheen, but the titular monster quickly kills all three. While the film was primarily shot in 1983, the effects work was left unfinished, and the resulting 2021 VOD version of the original photography combined with crisp stock footage to fill in the gaps – badly. grizzly 2 – Such as Slipway Camp IV: Survivor Hardly a movie that Clooney fans or even fans of bad movies would rather avoid.

3. Back to the High Horror Movie (1987)

George Clooney's return to horror film High

Back to Horror High It has one of the most interesting premises of the low-budget, 80s slasher. early adds, Scream– A meta twist inspired by the concept with a movie crew filming at a high school where a series of killings occurred years earlier. Clooney plays one of the ill-fated actors in the production, but despite a meta-narrative and some unique killing spree, Clooney Back to Horror High Not much better than the slasher movies he makes fun of.

2. The Return of the Killer Tomato (1988)

George Clooney Returns to Killer Tomatoes

It’s hard to judge The return of the killer tomato Quite harshly, considering it’s designed to be a knowingly ridiculous sequel to a cult movie. I put my trust in Back to Horror HighClooney has a major role in it The return of the killer tomato. Such as Loud fright There is recognizable meta comedy in the sequel – though many of the gags still fail to land. The return of the killer tomato Ready for fans of silly monster movies, but can only be enjoyed by those with a high tolerance for goofiness.

1. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Seth and Kate at the end of From Dusk Till Dawn

From dusk till dawn It is the newest – and by far the best – Horror movie George Clooney. Directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by and co-starring Quentin Tarantino, the first half of the film is original From dusk till dawn The movie is a crime thriller before it turns 180 degrees into a bloody vampire thriller. The movie is a wild, breathless drama filled with milky dialogue, gory special effects, and has a fantastic supporting cast. From dusk till dawn It was also the first major film Clooney starred in, and proved to be the one to have a career thereafter ER

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