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Sigourney Weaver She is one of the most famous horror-related actors in cinema, so it is worth rating each of her contributions to the genre. Born Susan Weaver in 1949, Sigourney Weaver (breast) burst onto the scene in 1979 with the release of Ridley Scott alien. After the film’s success, Sigourney Weaver has become a highly respected and prolific actor, with over 60 film roles, across many different genres. She received a total of three Academy Award nominations, along with the rare feat of being nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in the same year, for Gorilla in the fog And the working girlrespectively, in 1989.

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Unlike many actors who get their big break in horror films, Sigourney Weaver has never given up on the genre, and has returned to it many times throughout her extensive career. In fact, some of Sigourney Weaver’s best films have been genre films, where the acting is ignored or dismissed by many critics. She has also starred in neighboring horror films, such as the supernatural comedy series Ghostbusters. Even when the horror movie surrounding her isn’t the best, Sigourney Weaver always stands out as a bright spot. Here are all of Sigourney Weaver’s horror movies, ranked from worst to best:

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7. Snow White: A Horror Story (1997)

Snow White, A-Tale-Of-Terror

Sigourney Weaver isn’t a rotten apple like the evil, evil stepmother Snow White: A Horror StoryA horror re-imagining of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. In fact, her entertaining campy performance was the highlight of the film, earning her Emmys and Screen Actors Guild nominations for Best Actress. Unfortunately, the other members of the cast don’t quite measure up to Weaver, with horror star Sam Neill being particularly lost in the suave role of Snow White’s father. However, when Sigourney Weaver appears on screen, Snow White: A Horror Story It really comes alive as an entertaining, if not downright scary movie.

6. Alien: Resurrection (1997)

Hicks dream of an alien resurrection

Alien: Resurrection is a bizarre movie, and Sigourney Weaver delivers an effective, otherworldly and unpredictable performance as the not-so-true Ripley 8 clone that fits perfectly with the film’s bizarre tone. This kind of radical reinterpretation of a character is an actor’s dream, and Sigourney Weaver knocks it out of the park. But, Alien: Resurrection He suffers from a writer and director who are apparently at odds with each other. Joss Whedon is usually full of banter Alien: Resurrection The script at times feels like a dry run for his later TV show fireflywith the film’s cast of comical space pirates, while director Jean-Pierre Jeunet seems to want to create a more expressive and atmospheric film.

However, this conflict between the two designs is underpinned by the Weaver’s strong central performance. She’s deftly able to connect comedic moments, such as successfully deflecting a three-point shot into a basketball hoop, and, more bizarrely, when Ripley 8’s more alien characteristics emerge when she encounters another Human-Xenomorph hybrid. However, the tonal dissonance between direction and screenplay, on top of the lack of development of many of the film’s supporting characters, drown out Alien: Resurrection towards the bottom of the list.

5. The Village (2004)

the village

Sigourney Weaver figures among the amazing cast that director M. Night Shyamalan has assembled for his horror drama the village. the village It was so dissatisfied upon its release in 2004 that many critics despised the film’s twist ending, revealing that the film was not, in fact, a period piece, but was in fact set in the modern era. A group of grieving men and women decide to reject contemporary society and instead build their own community, the titular village, based on their own 18th/19th century ideals. Sigourney Weaver plays one of the village’s founders, Alice Hunt, who has since raised her son Lucius (Joaquin Phoenix) within the community.

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Although it is a movie that is often ridiculed, precisely because the villageA twist ending, there is no shortage of wit within it. For example, Roger Dickens’ cinematography is superb and gives the film both an autumnal beauty and an ominous sense of danger coming from within the woods. The production design is great and really helps with the sale the villageCentral lie. The cast, with the likes of the aforementioned Weaver, William Hurt, Adrien Brody, and Bryce Dallas Howard, delivers great performances that all go a long way in explaining how an emotionally isolated society works.

4. The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

The victims enter the cellar at the cabin in the woods

The cabin in the woods It can best be described as Scream for 2010; It is a comedic attempt at satire, parody, and yet also reinvigorate the horror-slashing sub-genre. With a strong support team, incl bullChris Hemsworth, Witty Observations, and Clever Subversions of Genre Domains, The cabin in the woods is success. Sigourney Weaver cameos at the end of the film, as the director of an underground facility, where technicians prepare to sacrifice five young men in order to appease the mysterious “The Ancients”. Weaver doesn’t have much to do except present the show, but her appearance is a fun final surprise in a movie full of her.

3 – Alien 3 (1992)

Ripley's Alien 3 Dream

David Fincher acquitted Alien 3 is a divisive entry in the franchise. Many audience members and critics despised its dark tone and controversial killing of fan favorite characters Newt and Corporal Hicks. But, Alien 3especially in the much better received compilation movie, achieving a level of atmosphere and dread not seen in the series since the first alien Movie. the movie Its production was troubled, as there were many unprocessed products Alien 3 Scripts were written during development, as well as the studio’s ongoing involvement with director David Fincher. But, Alien 3 He has a keen sense of style and temperament that easily puts him on par with the first two alien Movies.

Fincher may have had a rough time with his directorial debut, but his dark vision shines through in the latest film, especially in the Assembly Cut. Alien 3 nothing if not ambitious and risk-taking; The movie makes the controversial choice to kill off Ripley at the end (in part so Sigourney Weaver doesn’t have to be in on it). Aliens vs. Predators), and Weaver’s performance totally sells Ripley’s decision to sacrifice herself. Although dark and terrifying Alien 3 It might turn some audiences off, and its sense of style, dense atmosphere, and stunning central performance from Sigourney Weaver make it more than worth getting into. alien franchise.

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2- Aliens (1986)


Sigourney Weaver earned her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, a rarity in both the horror genre and sequel of any kind, for her return to Ellen Ripley in Aliens. output from Avatar: Water RoadJames Cameron, Aliens Gets rid of the suffocating terror of alien in favor of a more action-focused movie that still has a lot of tension and scares. Aliens There is no shortage of memorable side characters, yet Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley is still the character that holds the movie together. Unlike the Ridley Scott movie, Aliens Ripley gives a daughter character in the character of Newt (Carrie Henn).

Ripley and Newt have a great relationship, and their scenes together showcase a whole other side of Weaver’s acting range than the very physical action sequences. Their adorable on-screen relationship also allows Cameron to create the most intense scene of the series Aliens When the two are trapped in a room with his face. Aliens It may not have the same dreadful effect as alienbut it more than makes up for it with brilliant set pieces, tense action, and the Oscar-nominated return of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley.

1. Alien (1979)

Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in a spacesuit in Alien

The horror film that launched Sigourney Weaver’s career, despite being considered by other actors for Ripley, remains her best. Directed by Ridley Scott, alien is the perfect exercise in awe. alienIts pacing is slow at first, creating tension through a series of eerie establishing shots, showcasing the ship’s stunning production design. The movie then takes its time developing each character, before brutally killing them all off one by one, until only Sigourney Weaver is left with Ripley. it’s a Halloween On a spacecraft this setting is used to the fullest extent to create tension. Xenomorph can hide anywhere.

Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley is a great character. She is one of the smartest heroines in the history of horror. If the rest of the crew simply listened to it, they would all be alive to earn their rewards. That’s why audiences have quickly become so attached to Ripley — she’s the voice of reason in the movie.

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On top of its adorable characters and production design, alien is one of the best horror movies ever made, simply because it’s so terrifying. The infamous Chestburster scene is still shocking, more than 40 years later, and the last half of the movie is still one of the tensest scenes in history. alien Not only is the best horror movie out there Sigourney WeaverFilmography is considered one of the greatest films of all time.

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