From No to Burberry: 10 Great Movies That Made the Year Even Brighter

These movies weren’t necessarily the next classic or Oscar-winners, but the ones that came along and provided great entertainment no matter how timely they felt in their way or permeated culture give way to a host of new discussions or just online jokes to revisit.

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This year has seen a host of films in which ambient conversations have become major gateways to broader conversations about art and artists as a whole. From internet jokes to conversations about misogyny towards high-profile women, these were the movies we were most grateful for in 2022.

The following article contains spoilers for the films discussed.

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M Haywood in Nope

Jordan Peele’s latest horror song, NoHaywood follows (Daniel Kaluuya) and his sister emerald (Keke Palmer) in the aftermath of their father’s death. As they struggle to keep his horses entertained, they find a strange creature in the sky, named Jean Jackett, that begins devouring people and things around them. Haywood uses what he knows about animals to understand a creature’s perspective in its habitat while also learning to protect itself.

Horror movies often create a terrifying monster that people want to defeat right away. However, Jean Jacket’s approach creates an understanding that humanity often brings these beasts upon ourselves by being in their habitat. In an era of bringing understanding between exploited child stars, the topic of exploitation in general has become a hot topic of discussion over the past few years, and NO has ushered in a new conversation with its funny and action-packed flick.


BB King + Elvis

Baz LuhrmannAn artistic exploration of Elvis’ life brings to life the idea of ​​man, his influence, influence, and history. The movie follows a life Elvis (Butter Austin), exploring the inspiration for his music within black communities, his relationship with his mother, and his rise to fame.

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In an era when we are still reeling from everything that happened Britney Spears and the exploitation of child stars who are coming to light more than ever before, Elvis is a perfectly timed flick that carries a similar story to someone everyone uses for their own financial gain.

‘turns red’

May, Priya, Abby and Miriam in Turning Red

turns red It was a movie that allowed for a fun and poignant exploration of adulthood as follows mi (Rosalie ChiangThey discover that she transforms into a giant red panda under intense affection. Her parents reveal that it is a family curse on her mother’s side (Sandra Oh). With the help of her friends, Mai learns to control a red panda but falls apart when it comes to her relationship with her mother. The struggle, and as a result, Mai herself destroys her friendships.

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The film’s oddities help bring to life the deeper conversation about the impact of family dynamics on personal lives, and while the mother is a fascinating character in her own right, the exploration of the world from Ain Mei allows insight into the struggles of a teenage girl to feel. The need to maintain normal life under extreme duress.

“everything everywhere at once”

Everything everywhere at once

Everything is everywhere at once It is absolutely everything. The film is a sci-fi family drama that explores generational trauma from the perspective of Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh), an immigrant, mother, and laundromat owner, who struggles with her job and her relationships. In a surprising twist, Evelyn is thrust into alternate universes, and told that it is up to her to stop an evil entity.

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Everything is everywhere at once It strikes a similar chord to Turning Red but from Parent rather than Child, as she comes to terms with her parenting flaws and how she’s coming to resemble her father (James Hong). Her constant desire for more harms her relationship with her husband (Ke Hwai Kwan), and her attempts to uphold values ​​hurt others. Realizing her damage is a tough ride, but the sci-fi and comic elements make for a deeper conversation that’s an interesting ride.


Jared Leto as Morbius

It’s not the actual movie to be thankful for but the cultural influence and misreading on the part of the studio. Morbius world follows (Jared Leto) who accidentally turns himself into a vampire in an attempt to cure himself of a blood disorder turns himself into a vampire. Morbius failed critically and financially.

What sets it apart from the year is the small online revival it has had. However, it was the meme culture that revived it. A little joke initially started on the subreddit and made its way to Twitter, claiming there was a #morbiussweep claiming the movie was a masterpiece. The studio completely misread the conversation about Morbius and, to make up for the initial losses, re-released the film, only to fail again. The film may have failed in many ways, but the failure ended up being one of the highlights of this year.

“Disciples: Rise of a Gru”

Minions Rise of Gru Young Gru 1
Image via Universal

Since the beginning despicable me In 2010, Minions became an alien staple of Internet culture, and that hasn’t stopped this year. Central release Minions: The Rise of a Gru A shout arose: Gentlemen. The trend consisted of teens dressing up to watch the movie. While the teens were rowdy and restless in some cases, the general trend had an air of nostalgia.

Many teens who would’ve likely watched this trend first despicable me When They Were Kids the somewhat silly nature of the idea came from a place of consuming a privilege that had been around for 12 years at this point. While it can be annoying or upsetting to see memes of minions pop up so often, gentlemen mentioned how movies and franchises can leave a mark on generations.

‘the lost City’

The Lost City Sandra Bullock Channing Tatum Socialite
Image via Paramount

Romantic comedies are a genre that seems to be falling out of favor, however the lost City Creates a fun, action-adventure that brings back the genre with a bang. movie stars Sandra Bullock As Loretta Sage, a romance author who has isolated herself since losing her husband, is forced out of her shell for another writing tour, where she is kidnapped. Its cover model, Alan (Channing Tatum), he takes it upon himself to save her.

The movie is fun and stars Bullock and Tatum in roles they thrive on. The energy of it all is similar to early 2000s romantic comedies in that it feels fun. Looking back at the past few years of franchises and superhero movies, having an adventure movie that’s a romantic comedy gives you a much-needed break for the genre.

“do not worry my love”

Florence Poe in the egg scene at Dont Worry Darling
Image via Warner Bros.

Since it appeared on the scene, do not worry my love He had all eyes on him. Actress-turned-director Olivia Wilde’s second film saw scrutiny all year long, as she faced harsh criticism from fans of her then-boyfriend, Harry Styles, and rumors of her feud with co-star Florence Pugh swept the internet. The movie follows Alice (pug), a 1950s housewife, lives in an experimental, utopian society but is beginning to see cracks in her reality.

It seems like the final attention this movie got ended up being disappointing because the movie had low reviews, but it ultimately sparked important conversations about how female directors should hold out against men. Wilde faced intense online scrutiny for controversies and drama related to alleged relationships, and was dragged in far more than most predatory male directors. Wilde’s hatred showed how the values ​​of women in positions of power were still very unequal compared to men’s. Some of the film’s tabloids reflected the misogyny that still permeates even rich and famous women.


Collage Maker 23rd November 2022 - 10.40pm

A film that at first seemed like a superficial jump-start filled with cheap thrills ends up offering a deeper understanding of trauma and its aftermath, smiling Followed by therapist Dr. Rose Cotter (Bacon sauce), and dealing with her patient, Laura (Caitlin Stasi) kills itself. This experience scars her, and Cotter begins to see terrifying images among those closest to her.

The film’s final theme of how trauma passes from one to another, and especially what remains unresolved, is loud and clear through the screen, and a meaningful conversation will take place as the public conversation about mental health begins.


Georgina Campbell's character looks down stairs at Barbary's locale

to say so barbaric A good time would have been an understatement. What begins as a simple introduction where two people accidentally book the same AirBnb turns into a nightmare when they discover the world underneath. Most importantly, it follows a former TV star, AJ (Justin Long), where he is fired for sexually assaulting a co-worker. In 2022, there is a clear apathy towards the #MeToo movement. With figures like Brad Pitt flying past assault allegations and Louis CK winning an Emmy, the consequences for the men are starting to fade.

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in a barbaric, AJ is constantly forced to reckon with the consequences of his actions and look at his exploitative nature in the mirror; More often than not, he chooses to ignore it. The horrific nature of the film contains the story behind the predators and how they often exist in plain sight and how the women’s compassion often acts as saviors for themselves and others.

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