Guillermo del Toro reveals embarrassing details of the Hellboy BTS movies

Guillermo del Toro revealed embarrassing and hilarious details about Ron Perlman’s Hellboy and his struggles with the formidable gun.

Guillermo del Toro has revealed some embarrassing behind-the-scenes details Hellboy Actor Ron Perlman. Hellboy, released in 2004, starred Perlman as the titular hero, alongside John Hurt Bruttenholm, Robert Evan John Myers, and Sammael’s Brian Steele. An early superhero movie, the film centered around a demon with ties to the FBI Bureau of Supernatural Research and Defense who regularly worked for humanity to stop supernatural foes. With nearly $100 million in gross income, the movie was a hit at the box office and had enough staying power to spawn a sequel that was even more successful, with $168 million.

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However, while Hellboy It was a success, making casting one for the film a serious challenge. Given that Hellboy preferred to wield a giant handgun called The Good Samaritan, Perlman needed to be able to hold it for long periods of time without a problem, just as Hellboy does. To date, in an interview with WiredDel Toro revealed the reason for Perelman’s struggle.

β€œIt took a while because it was too heavy and had very weak ron arms. We needed to put a wire on the tip of the gun.” [keep him from shaking]…I’m sorry Ron! “

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Will Del Toro and Ron Perlman team up for Hellboy 3?

Hellboy touches the helmet of a woman in Hellboy

While Perelman may not be happy that del Toro revealed that story, 18 years later, it’s clear del Toro waited long enough to get involved. with Hellboy’s Actor Abe Sapien talks about a possible future for the movie, it seems the stars are starting to open up Hellboy. However, the question remains whether Perlman will someday be willing to reunite with the director for a potential sequel. Yet a recent box office bomb Hellboy The reboot, which only made $55 million compared to its $50 million budget, seems like the franchise is dead in the water. After all, Hollywood loves nothing more than proven goods, and Hellboy He has no favor.

However, Perlman isn’t completely done with the fantasy-horror franchise. Ago Hellboy 3 In 2008, Perlman wants to end the del Toro Hellboy trilogy for fans of the franchise. While it has been over a decade since the release of the second film in the trilogy, Avatar 2: Water Road And the Top Gun: Maverick It proved that sequels can be a huge hit no matter how long fans have had to wait for the follow-up movie. If Perlman still wants to continue the series, there’s no telling he shouldn’t be able to fulfill his dream of playing Hellboy again.

Of course, the superhero scene has changed dramatically since Perlman took on his role as the hero. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe now dominating theaters everywhere, there’s never been a better opportunity to connect Hellboy with other superheroes. Perlman has indicated his willingness to appear in the MCU or DCU. While he wasn’t pinning Hellboy specifically, it might be possible for Marvel Studios to negotiate the rights to a cameo appearance from the character, though that’s highly unlikely. So, even if there is no follow-up Hellboy 2Perlman’s time as the surprisingly helpful Devil may not be done, even if del Toro wasn’t involved.

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