Henry Cavill Fires His Director Before Superman Drama (Report)

While Henry Cavill saw his days as Superman in the DC Universe (DCU) come to an end, the drama seems to have extended far beyond just his onscreen role.

After a series of announcements from DC Studios’ new co-CEO James Gunn, fans have learned that Cavill will no longer be embodying the Man of Steel within the DCU. Although Superman is just one of the many roles that will reportedly be recast under Gunn’s watch, Cavill’s exit is particularly difficult given how long it took him to return to the role.

Cavill returned to the role of Superman during the mid-credits scene Black Adamwhich was shot in September after Dwayne Johnson insisted Cavill be in the film.

But now, it appears that before his famous comeback, drama was already brewing for Cavill personally before his days as Superman officially ended.

Cavill Fired Manager before leaving DC


According to the latest newsletter from Matt Belloni of Puck News, former Superman star Henry Cavill fired his manager long before leaving his DC role.

Cavill had the same director and agency (Danny Garcia and William Morris Entertainment [WME]) Such as Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson. Garcia is also Johnson’s ex-wife, and they have been producing Partners for several years.

Johnson was reportedly very adamant about putting Cavill’s Superman in it Black Adam He went around the back of former DC Films President Walter Hamada to make it happen. The Rock went to new bosses Mike De Luca and Pam Abdi to make sure he and fellow WME clients were in Black AdamThe mid-credits scene together after Hamada says no.

The problem, however, was that Cavill had fired Garcia as his manager “few months” Before the DC drama went down, Garcia called for a last-minute cameo (shot less than two months before the movie premiered) so that the movie got the boost it needed to be a hit. In the end, this effort was all in vain, as reports have indicated Black Adam It could incur losses of up to $100 million in total box office.

Did Johnson & Cavill make a deal with DC for good?

Although the inner workings of Hollywood and agencies is a unique territory in itself, knowing that Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill used to be represented by the same company adds a twist to this dramatic situation. Given Johnson’s insistence on being Cavill Black Adam Even after Cavill fired Garcia as his director, it also indicates the amount of chaos behind the scenes in the DC Universe, especially when James Gunn and Peter Safran took over.

While it’s unclear if this change in management had anything to do with the drama that occurred at Warner Bros. , it paints a disappointing picture of how everything turned out when Cavill was let go. Combine that with the news that Johnson leaked false numbers to boost the film’s public image, and it continues to paint a troubling picture of an already troublesome situation.

All in all, there’s a chance Cavill may never return in any role to the DC Universe, even after having a productive meeting with Gunn and Safran on the matter.

What this means for Johnson and his management company is another story entirely, particularly with many believing Johnson is also on his way out with Warner Bros. Pictures. After this version of the DC Universe fades away. Only time will tell the franchise is going through an overhaul, though many are eager to see what happens to Cavill and Johnson’s relationships with the studio.

Black Adam Streaming now on HBO Max.

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