Here’s what our reviewers had to say about the new weekend Christmas movies

Four-legged stars, a three-octave array, a ton of sequins—and Brendan Fraser in a fat suit. It’s Christmas at the movies (David De Ramon for The Washington Post)


With so many movies hitting theaters and airing this weekend, you’re probably curious as to where each of the latest films is on our naughty or nice critics’ lists. Here’s what reviewers—and some more than others—have to say about this week’s releases, in theaters and on demand.

Quite frankly, by the time you get the hang of this muddled, crowded, stressful journey, much like a post-binge hangover, [writer-director Damien] Chazelle’s point is lost in a self-indulgent, offbeat quibble.” (In Theatres, 1.5 out of 4 stars) – Ann Hornaday

Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery (s)

The very funny human piñata here is Miles Bron, a dodgy millionaire played by Edward Norton with an appropriate degree of unassuming swagger. After elaborately inviting some old friends to his private island for a crime-and-mystery house party, Miles greets his followers playing “Blackbird” on the beach. ‘, casually indicating that he plays ‘the guitar Paul wrote it on.’ The name-dropping continues at an unabashedly furious pace, as both verbal revisions and increasingly funny things pile up, which build up into one great absurd joke.” (available December 23 on Netflix, 3 out of 4 stars) – Ann Hornaday

Here are the movies everyone will be talking about this holiday season

Puss in Boots: Last Wish (PG)

“The Last Wish” arrives just in time to give families something to do after all the presents are unwrapped and the threat of Santa’s naughty list isn’t enough to stave off cries of “me too” raging.And sometimes that’s enough: kill an hour or two, laugh, call it a day. The bar isn’t terribly high here, but Puss and company comfortably clear it, landing—but of course—on their feet.” (In Theatres, 2.5 out of 4 stars) – Kristen Page Kirby

Matilda Roald Dahl: The Musical (PG)

Watch a Broadway musical that sings, dances, and fiddles hypnotically, feeling as if it’s been painted to the screen by providence. ‘Matilda Roald Dahl: The Musical’ is certainly divine, but the inspiring characters are all deadly: director, Matthew Warchus; star, Emma Thompson; and a cast of ever-spinning baby wonders that move the story forward with kinetic magic.” (available December 25th on Netflix, 3.5 out of 4 stars) – Peter Marks

“[Director Darren] Aronofsky’s facility with gritty realism and distant fever dreams can’t lift material that wants to witness suffering but reflexively return to a manipulative spectacle. The Whale may begin to sound about a man struggling to break free from his physical and spiritual bonds. But it is [Brendan] Frasier’s intelligent, human, and vulnerable performance that too often seems trapped, in this case by a film that weighs heavily on its own with its compulsive shadows.” (In Theatres, 1.5 out of 4 stars) – Ann Hornaday

Whitney Houston: I want to dance with someone (s)

Despite clocking in at nearly two and a half hours, “I Want to Dance” barely scratches the surface of its celestial theme and orbital numbers. If you had a favorite performance in Houston, expect it to be immaculately recreated on screen. Her catchphrases are addressed faithfully, too.But even if “I Wanna Dance” celebrates Houston’s rousing rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV — slowing down the tempo and enjoying the spectacle — [director Kasi] Lemmons and screenwriter Anthony McCarten clearly didn’t grasp this lesson in showmanship while accelerating the pop icon’s life story at a frantic pace.” (In Theatres, 1.5 out of 4 stars) – Thomas Floyd

“Healing is a tricky business, for people and animals alike. What it looks like is the subject of Wildcat, a documentary about a young military soldier with PTSD, an orphaned infant who needs to learn to live on his own, and a woman, also a trauma survivor, who wants help them both.” (In cinemas, available December 30 on Prime Video; 2.5 out of 4 stars) – Kristen Page Kirby

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