High On Life: All 4 full movies you can watch in the game

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  • Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)

Early on in your bounty-hunting adventure with Squanch Games’ colorfully comical shooter, something strange happened. You arrive at your house to find retired bounty hunter Gene sitting on the couch watching a live movie. Naturally, you assume this is one of the many in-universe shorts or shows made specifically for the game, but then you watch it for a moment and– Are those ’90s sweethearts Denise Richards…and Paul Walker?

Yes, it turns out that High on Life actually has a few full-length old-school B-movies that you can sit back and watch on your couch. You will first need to find the gene, who was sitting on a bench near your house when I first landed in downtown Belem. After that, different films will be available to watch at home at various points throughout the match.


You can also watch all the movies in the cinema, which you can call out to the world using Theater warp disc. You can buy this, and the other warp discs, at Blorto in Blim for 3 Warp Crystals. To use Warp Disks, you’ll need to find a warp signal in the world (as in Zephyr Paradise), where you can “energize” the tweak.

Now that you know how to watch movies, here’s what they actually are.

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Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)

Tammy and T-Rex

Note: There are reports of the movie cutting at various points. The game cuts out early in the game after 20 minutes or so, which appears to be intentional as an alien makes fun of it. You can come back to watch more of the movie later, but for some people, it feels like it cut off at a key plot point. Meanwhile, others have reported being able to watch the whole thing, so watch at your own risk!

The first movie you’ll see in High On Life is Tammy and the T-Rex – a 1994 sci-fi comedy starring Denise Richards and the late Paul Walker. One critic on Rotten Tomatoes called it “a real mixed bag of random tones,” so you can kind of see why Justin Roiland got into it.

The ‘Gore Cut’ of Tammy and the T-Rex was released in 2019, and it has a Tomatometer rating of 100% out of seven reviews, and luckily, that’s the clip to watch on High On Life. The general consensus is that it’s a purposely stupid and fun cult movie that’s worth a watch if you’re into “so bad it’s good.”

Harvest Blood (1987)

Harvest of Blood 1987

A typical 80s slasher that sees a young woman return to her hometown to find her parents missing, her house ransacked, and the town horrified by a series of throat-slashing murders. Interestingly, the ’60s stars American singer Tiny Tim, as well as Six Feet Under and Parenthood star Peter Krause in his first movie role.

Aside from being over-the-top, Tiny Tim’s unbroken performance actually deserves some plaudits, and there’s actually a twist or two you probably wouldn’t have expected.

Vampire Hookers (1978)

Vampire prostitutes

Thin-faced actor John Carradine (father of Kill Bill’s David Carradine) has had a long and distinguished career in horror films, though you could have missed that sweet slice of the ’70s. Carradine plays the master vampire, who recruits three female vampires to pose as sex workers and lure the hapless victims back to their lair.

Naturally, there’s a lot of sex and blood and it’s all mixed into a soup of intense self-awareness.

Filmed in 16mm in the Philippines, this was the perfect exploitation of cinema.

Devil’s Winds (1990)

Demon wind

Note: You can only watch this movie in the theater.

This hilarious b-schlocky horror film is solid entertainment in itself, charting one man’s journey to find out how his grandparents died, which involves going to their isolated country home 60 years after the fact. Of course, the plot thickens, and demons are somehow involved, devolving into a wonderfully gory mess of blood, screams, and exhilarating demonic prosthetics.

The whole experience is arguably made even better thanks to running commentary from indie film actor Rich Evans and several other stars from Red Letter Media Productions. Rich and company are the three aliens sitting in the front row, offering their sarcastic commentary all over. Since this is the kind of movie you’re likely to gossip about and sneer at anyway, you too might as well do it along with this deadpan ensemble.

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