High on Life: All the movies you can watch in the game

Here’s a quick rundown of the five classic B-movies you can catch while playing the comedy first-person shooter High on Life from Squanch Games.

high on life He is a comic first person shooter from Squanch Games, the studio he founded Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland. Players take on the role of a bounty hunter trying to save humanity from an alien cartel that wants to sell us drugs. Armed with talking guns and a stabbing knife, the player traverses the galaxy killing the criminal leaders of the G3 Cartel. The game’s launch was marred by bugs and performance problems, and critics were divided on its absurdist humor. But, high on life It still offers the unique experience that many fans have been looking for.

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high on life It has a variety of weird features, including the ability to watch four real movies in their entirety. Squanch Games has licensed all four “Z-grade” films from distribution company Vinegar Syndrome, which specializes in preserving horror and exploitation films. Players can watch these movies using high on lifementor Dirty Gene on his TV or by visiting the cinema later in the game. Doing the latter also unlocks the “We paid for the rights to put a full movie” achievement. Here is a brief summary of the four movies players can watch high on life.

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Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)

Tammy and T-Rex

Tammy and T-Rex is the first movie high on life Gamers are most likely to see it and the internet has been most obsessed with it. Sci-fi comedy directed by Stuart Ravel, starring Denise Richards and Paul Walker. The film follows high school cheerleader Tammy and her boyfriend, Michael Brock, as the latter’s brain is transplanted into a robotic dinosaur by mad scientists. Michael escapes and goes on a bloody rampage before Tammy can retrieve his brain. Originally conceived as an R-rated violent horror comedy, the film was banned in the US theatrical version. However, Vinegar Syndrome reprized those scenes for an eventual DVD and Blu-Ray release.

Vampire Hookers (1976)

Vampire prostitutes

Vampire prostitutes It is a sexual exploitation film from the 70s with a whopping 3.9/10 on IMDB. high on life Players can watch legendary actor John Carradine play ancient vampire star Richmond Reed, who recruits four beautiful vampire women to pose as courtesans and lure unsuspecting men back to their lair. Co-stars Bruce Fairbairn and Trey Wilson portray a pair of US Navy sailors who find themselves drawn into a trap set by a vampire group. Despite its low ratings, Vampire prostitutes So popular, Newsweek included it in their list of “Excellent Cheesy Horror Movies”.

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Harvest Blood (1987)

blood harvest

Directed by Bill Rayban, the 1987 slasher movie blood harvest It stars professional bassist Herbert “Tiny Tim” Khaury and the enigmatic actress Itonia Salchek. When Salchek’s character Jill returns from college, she finds her home ransacked and her parents missing. As Jill’s friends begin to disappear one by one, she is forced to rely on her former lover Gary and his mentally ill brother Merveaux, portrayed by Khoury. Blood Harvest may be the most mysterious of the four Easter egg movies high on lifewith relatively little information available about it online.

Devil’s Winds (1990)

High in the life demon winds

Directed by Charles Philip Moore, demon wind It follows a group of friends who find themselves trapped in an abandoned farmhouse due to a mysterious fog. Eric Larson and Francine Lapence play young couple Cory and Elaine as they and their friends investigate the disappearance of Cory’s grandparents sixty years ago. The film’s protagonists soon discover that the farm is haunted by demons that seek to kill them or possess them and use their bodies to escape to the wider world. Squanch Games accompanies the movie with a commentary from Red Letter Media in its honor Mystery Science Theater 3000Both high on life Creator Justin Roiland is a fan.

Animated shorts by Justin Roiland

In addition to the four licensed films of The Vinegar Syndrome, high on life Also features over 20 animated shorts from Justin Roiland and his friends. Players can watch them by finding the different TVs scattered around the game world. The shorts come in a variety of cartoon styles but take on a look similar to Rick and MortyInterdimensional cable loops. There’s about 25 minutes of this content for players to find, though many fans have helpfully uploaded it to YouTube for more convenient viewing.

high on life Available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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