Holiday movies have limited appeal

This past weekend my husband and I decided to do something completely different. You tread into uncharted territory. Take a chance on mistletoe-filled, shimmering, bright, and heart-warming.

We, dear reader, decided to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Of course, I know about Hallmark movies, in the same way I know about slasher or LSD movies. The thing is there, but it’s not mine. big city-career-gal-meets-small-town-trunk? Give me Sam Shepherd in “Baby Boom” any day.

But I’m tired of the dark. Bored with antiheroes. And after binging into Season 5 of The Crown, I got tired of doomed relationships.

I thought people loved Hallmark Christmas movies. And as disgustingly cute and predictable as they seem, I never really gave them a chance. This is the season, after all.

But which one do you choose? The decision was not easy.

“Christmas comes twice?” “Mystery of Christmas?” Perhaps the “It’s Christmas, Eve” interspersed with curiosity?

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