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We are spoiled for choice when it comes to hot Hondas. All two generations of the Civic Type R – the original saloon EK9 and FD2 – sold in the UK (in part because they were built here) often prove themselves as class-leading hot hatches. Sure, we missed out on the likes of the DC5 Integra Type R and Accord Euro R, but those absences were largely met by gray imports. Without Honda, the Japanese car scene in Britain would be very thin on the ground.

There are some notable exceptions, of course. We never officially received the NSX-R, the car that launched the Type R legacy, nor do we get many offers from Honda Mugen’s racing division. The only time we got a sample of the tuning lever’s manual work was the FN2 Civic Type R, which, in Matt’s words, was “incredibly crazy.” But today, Spotted, the Japanese-only Mugen RR, is on a ‘minor’ level.

RR (because two Rs are better than one) Mougen was effectively throwing everything in his parts box into the Civic Type R saloon, a car that’s too hard-core for us fragile Europeans, and thus dialed up 11. Front and rear carbon fiber-assisted fenders, Combined with the carbon rear spoiler and aluminum hood, at the disposal of 10 kg. Not a big chunk, but the Type R saloon was already relatively agile, with it being around 200kg lighter than the new FL5. The front seats have also been replaced with lightweight, carbon-fiber-covered Recaro buckets, which means the RR felt every bit as lively as it looked.

Of course, the FD2 was the last Civic Type R to come with a naturally aspirated engine, which makes it all the more impressive that Mugen managed to extract an extra 15 horsepower from the K20 Type R’s engineβ€”bringing the total power to 240 horsepower. The bump came from upgraded camshafts, a new ECU and an exhaust system that produced one hell of a guttural screeching while searching for the 8600-rpm redline. Larger Brembo brakes help stop the massive saloon, hidden behind Mugen’s lighter, seven-spoke, 18-inch alloy.

Needless to say, the Mugen RR will be gobbled up if it goes on sale in the UK. Legend has it that when the RR was launched in 2007 all 300 models were assembled in just ten minutes, despite carrying the equivalent of Β£8,000 more than a regular Civic Type R, this level of demand may not be unprecedented today. In the point-and-click era, but it was so rare in 2007. Especially with a global recession approaching.

Honda didn’t think Europe could handle Mugen, so now is the time to prove them wrong by taking this example. Admittedly, values ​​have risen somewhat since the original went on sale in Japan for 4.8 million yen (or Β£28,000 in UK money). What does Β£70,000 look like? Good thing the previous owners haven’t messed with Mugen’s handiwork, so it’s a stock like hot hatch tuned heavily by motorsports outfits. Plus, it has only been clocked 13,285 miles and is widely considered one of the best Honda Civic Type Rs. On top of that, you’ll likely have to pay serious money to get a new FL5. At least this RR will allow you to make liberal use of the “VTEC just started, yo” meme…

Specifications | Honda Civic Mugen RR

engine: 1,998cc inline four-cylinder
Delivery: 6-speed manual, front-wheel drive
Power (hp): 240 @ 8000 rpm
Torque (lb-ft): 161 @ 7000 rpm
mpg: 31.7 (FD2 Type R standard)
CO2: 160 g / km
Registration year: 2007
Recorded miles: 13,000
New price: c. Β£28,000 (4.8 million yen)
welcome: 70 thousand pounds sterling

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