How Avatar: The Way of Water’s new characters set up sequel movies

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Avatar: The Way of Water.Avatar: Water Road Producer Jon Landau explains how the new characters in the film prepared the upcoming sequels. Avatar: Water RoadHis new characters include Jake and Neytiri’s five children (both biological and adopted): Nityam, Luak, Kyrie, Spider, and Toktiri (aka Tok), along with new characters from the water-dwelling Na’vi clan. . Landau himself has been vocal about the future of the franchise beyond him Avatar: Water Roadclaiming that Avatar 4Among other things, he has an excellent script. Landau also went back and forth on whether he was expected to come symbol picture A sequel will feature scenes on Earth in addition to the Pandora landscape.

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Landau discusses symbol picture Sequel again by explaining EW How’s new Avatar: Water Road Character setting sequels. Specifically, Landau says symbol picture A sequel will follow this next.”Jill Soules […] in the sequel. Landau says the sequel will follow these Sully kids.As they grow up they continue to play these characters. Check out Landau’s full sample statement below:

“This is a generation of Sullys that we’ll be able to follow in the sequel. We want you to see Britain Dalton and Champion Jack, to see Bailey Bass and Trinity and Jimmy Flatters, as they grow up and continue to play these characters.”

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Why Jake & Neytiri’s kids are the best part of Avatar: The Way of Water

Who is the spider in the water way avatar

Landau f symbol picture The creative team’s plans to continue with the Sully Kids plot lines is great news for the future franchise. Jake and Neytiri’s children are arguably the strongest part of the Avatar: Water Road Because they bring a level of emotional depth to the first series symbol picture The movie wasn’t quite there. Individual children experience their complex character dynamics, including Spider’s struggle to fit in as a human child among the Na’vi, while tempted by loyalty to his bloodline.

In addition to these internal struggles, having Jake and Neytiri’s children around introduces new group dynamics between the characters. Jake and Neytiri are no longer just Na’vi and Na’vi are in love, but they are a mother and father who are protective of their family. It gives this film an even greater level of appeal as it becomes not just a fairytale promoting forest protection, but at its core, a family story.

How Sully’s children can grow up in Avatar 3 and beyond

Avatar Water Road Kerry

The challenge with children based is, of course, that the child actors they play will grow up over time Avatar 5 Released in the year 2028. Landau clearly states, however, that symbol picture You’ll see the sequel Sully Kids’grow up. Based on the age of the eldest child Neteyam which is around 15 or 16 years old Avatar 2Obviously, the sequel saw a similar time jump. And so, the symbol picture The universe has established that time jumps will occur between installments, so it’s likely that symbol picture The team will be able to seamlessly explain major pediatric aging.

In addition to relying on their literal growth in age, Sully children have the potential to greatly increase in character as well. Tuk, for example, is the youngest and least developed character in the series Avatar: Water Road, giving Cameron, Landau and the writing team seemingly limitless possibilities to explore its growth. Furthermore, Sigourney Weaver’s teenage character Kerry offers one of the Avatar: Water Roadgreatest mysteries, as the exact influence of Pandora’s central spiritual elements on her body remains unclear. Avatar 3 and 4 And the 5 We have the opportunity to expand on Kairi’s role in Legends of Pandora and more, assuming Landau sticks to his word that the sequels will see the Sully family grow.

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