How God Called Alex Kendrick to Service Through Movies

Publish date: December 19, 2022

Photo from Alex Kendrick Brother’s Instagram

How God Called Alex Kendrick to Service Through Movies

By Movieguide® Staff

Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Alex Kendrick has said that Christ is at the center of everything he sets out to do.

The director of Movieguide® award-winning films such as COURAGEOUS said he and his brother Stephen view their work as ministry.

“Whenever I got involved in storytelling in the form of movies and books, the Bible would jump out at me, and the Lord would point out the passages you are talking about when you see a Pharisee or someone praying on street corners to be seen by men, Jesus said that’s the only reward I get.” They’re absolutely going to have it,” Kendrick said on a recent episode of the Women in My World podcast. “They get nothing from God when they are [trying] for men to see.”

He added, “I started thinking, Lord, I don’t want to do these movies or books or speak just for men to see.” “I had to arrange, even in my heart, the kind of success that was motivating me.”

The Kendrick brothers recently released their first movie based on a true story called LIFEMARK. Like their other projects, Alex said they prayed for God’s will every step of the way.

“I want the Lord’s presence in the projects we’re working on,” Alex said on the podcast. “I want him to be glorified, and to do more by these enterprises and avenues of service than I can, and I want to hear, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant,’ when I stand before him.”

He continued, “We got a little taste of the accolades and prestige we thought it would bring, and we felt good for about 15 minutes.” Then it starts to fade away and I realize, ‘Lord, I just want you. “

Part of our Movieguide® review for LIFEMARK reads:

LIFEMARK is a religious drama about an 18-year-old teenager, David, who tries to hide the fact that he was adopted until his biological parents try to contact him. One day, David comes home, and his parents who raised him tell him that his biological mother wants to meet him. Deciding to meet his mother, David hears from his biological father and must decide if he would like to meet him as well. Will David be able to open up with them and listen to what they have to say about giving him up for adoption?

LIFEMARK is a well-made, hilarious and inspiring movie produced by the Kendrick Brothers and Kirk Cameron, who also star. The movie is strong throughout, with a positive Christian worldview. The film promotes reliance on God, faith in God’s plan, tolerance, and love for others. There is also a beautiful pro-life message about adoption, giving life, and the value of life. Don’t let the PG-13 rating stop you from watching this movie. The film’s themes about abortion and pro-life issues are the reason Hollywood elites give LIFEMARK such a stark rating.

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