How old were the parents in the Christmas movies from Home Alone to Die Hard?

Although some Christmas movies stand the test of time, sometimes their characters’ appearances don’t, making it difficult to gauge the age of our favorite characters.

The Internet’s collective mind was blown when a photo of Steve Martin and Diane Keaton surfaced father of the bride He sparked a debate about what 45-year-olds looked like in the ’90s.

With that in mind, Newsweek He looks back over the decades at some of the Christmas classics to investigate the ages of the parents of famous festive films.

Newsweek looks at the ages of Christmas movie characters like (L-R) John McLane, Kate McCallister, Scott Calvin, and Clark Griswold.
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It’s a wonderful life –1946

It can be hard to guess the ages of the on-screen parents in this movie as each character is seen through a black and white lens.

Playing the iconic George Bailey in the vibrant classic, James Stewart was 38 at the time this masterpiece was filmed.

His on-screen wife, Mary Hatch, was much younger at the time. Actress Donna Reed was only 25 years old It’s a wonderful life.

Christmas story– 1983

Let’s jump forward two decades to find when celebratory films really hit their stride, starting with Christmas story.

Ralph Parker’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Parker, were played by Darren McGavin and Melinda Dillon. McGavin plays the “old man” in the film and was 61 at the time while his wife was about two decades younger than him as Dillon was 43 at the time.

Peter Billingsley recently reprized his role as Ralphie for a surprise sequel Christmas story Christmasat the age of 51.

die hard—1988

Yes, it’s a Christmas movie. Not just your traditional happy holiday special feel.

Bruce Willis, as John McClane, may be younger than you think in the movie. Beginning his fledgling career as an action star, Willis was only 33 years old at the time. McClain’s estranged wife, Holly Gennaro McClain, was several years older as actress Bonnie Bedelia was 40 years her senior.

Bedelia returned for Die Hard 2but was absent from the next three sequels.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation –1989

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation It was the third film in the franchise, but the first attempt at a holiday movie.

At the time it was released, Chevy Chase, who played family father Clark Griswold, was 46, while Beverly D’Angelo, who played his wife Ellen, was 38.

Home Alone-1990

Perhaps the most forgettable parents in movie history, Mr. and Mrs. McCallister couldn’t blame age for their memory lapses.

Kate McCallister was the parent who started the cross-country trek to get back to her son, and actress Kathryn O’Hara was only 36 at the time. John Hurd, who played Kevin’s father Peter, was 44 years old Home Alone 2: Lost in New York But not to any of the following sequels.

Santa Clause –1994

There are three fathers to be evaluated here as Tim Allen’s character, soon-to-be Santa Claus Scott Calvin, must contend with his ex-wife Laura and new husband, Dr. Neil Miller.

Santa Claus, played by Allen, was 41 years old at the time. Wendy Crewson, who played Laura, was 38, while her on-screen husband, Judge Reinhold, was 37.

All three actors have appeared in follow-ups Santa Claus 2 And the Santa Claus 3: Escape Clause.

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