‘I have no regrets’: Eddie Jones insists England are on the right track

Eddie Jones has insisted he has got England “on track” to reach the climax at next year’s World Cup before being sacked after seven years in charge, and has revealed he has been in talks with other countries about taking up his next role.

Jones reiterated his belief that he had lost the support of the Rugby Football Union before defeat at the hands of South Africa sealed his fate and insisted he could not have done anything differently, saying that he had been coaching well and that the subsequent endorsement from the England players was supportive. This view. That defeat by the Springboks ensured England would end the year with six defeats from 12 Tests and proved the last straw for RFU chief executive Bill Sweeney, who announced when Steve Borthwick was announced as new manager on Monday that the decision was based on results.

Jones has been criticized for being too focused on next year’s World Cup, but he defends this preoccupation and believes England would have performed in France 2023. “Of course the next game is important, but the World Cup is the final cup,” he told BBC Radio 4 Today. I would do anything differently.

“I was absolutely confident that we were on the right track, ahead of the World Cup. And I still have that faith. But if other people don’t share that, it’s their decision.

“I thought I was training well. I was sacked by Australia in 2005 and I wasn’t training well. Looking back now I don’t feel like I was training bad, I thought I was training well and that’s the only thing I can control.

“The thing that’s gratifying is how many players have come out and supported it, especially when they can get nothing out of it. It makes me think maybe I’ve been training well.

“I have no regrets about it. I have some great memories of the English players, they are a great group. They play hard, train hard and have great pride in playing for England and I’m sure they will do well under Steve.”

Jones is in Japan and has been linked with taking on roles there, in the US as well as with Australia after federation president Hamish McLennan spoke of “arming” his compatriot ahead of next year’s tournament. It is understood that a role with Australia in 2024 is considered more likely, but Jones could find himself facing England in some form at France 2023.

“I’ve been in talks with different people in different organizations about the possibility of joining their team in a personal capacity in the next 24 months. I’ve been in talks with other federations. I want to keep coaching, it’s not about coaching an opponent in England, I want to add more to the game.” I love the game, I love training.”

On the day before Jones was officially sacked, he made a presentation to the RFU in an effort to save his job, but referred to the union’s review of England’s performance in the autumn, and he believed the decision had already been made.

“I can feel the change in the wind,” he said. “When you’ve been training for a while you feel when your support is starting to wane and I knew we had to do well in the autumn. I continued to train as much as I could and we had a plan to peak in the 2023 World Cup, but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to finish that.

“There was discussion but when the board makes that decision, they really have it in their mind. The truth is, it’s not really a review of your performance, it’s an endorsement of their ideas.”

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