It’s Hallmark movie season

An abandoned shopping mall, in Ottawa, Ontario, in the middle of the night in October might not seem like the place you’d go to make Christmas magic. But that’s exactly what was going on earlier this year when “Holiday Heritage” was filmed, just one of an endless number of holiday movies created by, of all companies, the greeting card company.

snow cue! Filming the Hallmark holiday movie “Holiday Legacy” in October.

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Yes, it’s Hallmark Holiday Movie season, that special time of year when millions of Americans tune in to the Hallmark Channel and throw away the remote until January.

A lot of people know Lacey Chabert, from “Party of Five” or “Mean Girls,” where she tried to make “fetch” something. But these days, with 55 movies for the network under her belt, she’s better known as the “Queen of the Hallmark Movie.”

“I love Christmas, I really do,” she told Burbank. “Since I was a little girl, I’ve been living for Christmas. I love being in Christmas Land in July when we usually shoot these movies, and even though we’re wearing seven coats and it’s 108 degrees outside and you’re about to pass out because you’re sweating so hard.”

Hallmark shoots movies during the summer, so it can be ready in time for the holidays, when the company says its channel is the #1 most-watched prime-time entertainment cable network, among all women over 18.

“I feel like I’m part of something that spreads joy,” said Chabert. “And you know what? Until you feel that on set. There’s just something about people coming to work at Hallmark; you make for a sweet story, especially around Christmas.”

Watch the trailer for “Haul Out the Holly”:

Preview – Holly Clouds – Hallmark Channel by
Hallmark Channel on YouTube

And it’s a successful strategy for Hallmark, which made 31 holiday movies this year alone. How do they do it? By sometimes shooting an entire movie in just 15 days, and using a lot of the same actors for different projects.

“It’s true, we all support each other’s films,” Chabert said. “We are rooting for each other.”

“So it’s kind of like the Marvel Universe, but with more cookies?” Burbank asked.

“It’s a perfect way of saying it. More cookies, more glitter!”

Also, a certain kind of wholesome acting that Burbank wanted to try. When asked what kind of representation Hallmark is looking for, Chabert said, “There’s always got to be honesty, be as original as possible, look for comedy, and try to be a good scene partner.”

Burbank tried reading a scene with Chabert, and perhaps because of that, Hallmark chose to hire Wes Brown to play Jared in “Haul Out the Holly.” Referred to by fans as one of the “Hunks of Hallmark,” Brown said, “I love being a part of that group so much, and there’s a lot of these other people you’re talking about who are good friends of mine and good people. So, to be in those family, I am a very blessed man.”

Speaking of movie buffs, Burbank wanted to talk to one of them to find out what the attraction is. Fortunately, he knew one of them well: his sister Hannah and his niece Madi. He met them at their home to get comfortable and get some answers.

Reporter Luke Burbank, his niece Madi, and his sister Hannah enjoy watching the Hallmark Holiday Movie.

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It’s the girl next door, the boy next door, it’s kind of ‘I haven’t seen you in 15 years,'” Hannah said. “I don’t know, there’s something very romantic about that.”

Burbank said, “In every one of these movies, there’s always a placement of birthday cakes.”

“That’s a feeling of, like, what Christmas is supposed to be like,” said Hannah. “You’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying the snow, music, movies, lights, and eating Christmas cookies. That’s part of everything, what you should be doing to relax at Christmas time.”

watch shirt.  jpg
Appropriate hallmark movie viewing attire.

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Lisa Hamilton-Daily, Executive Vice President of Programming at Hallmark said, “We’re trying to do more character-driven stories. I think sometimes these things, anything that’s driven by a situation are outside forces acting on the characters, from a creative perspective we’re really trying to reflect reality and experience.” living for different types of people.”

For example, this year Hallmark featured the first two main gay characters in “The Holiday Sitter.”

Watch a trailer for “The Holiday Sitter”:

Preview – The Holiday Babysitter – Hallmark Channel by
Hallmark Channel on YouTube

But Hallmark Films executive director Wonya Lucas said people of color also need more representation on the network, which has traditionally been very white: “I think what’s important is that we understand that on the basis of race or on the basis of gender or on the basis of race, people are not a mass.” Monolith, right? People are different and they’re layered. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

Holly Robinson Peete, star of Legacy of the Holidays, is among the people who brought these characters to life. “I was literally pressed to be a part of this network,” she told Burbank. “I’ve always loved Christmas. My name is Holly, come on! And this movie we’re doing now is about Kwanzaa, it’s the first Hallmark movie on the Kwanzaa Channel. And boy, did they get the right person to be in it because I raised my kids on Kwanzaa.”

Watch a trailer for the movie “Holiday Heritage”:

Preview – Heritage Vacation – Hallmark Channel by
Hallmark Channel on YouTube

Sadly, Burbank didn’t quite have it to become a Hallmark hunk. Maybe it was the lack of pure hair? “It’s a prerequisite,” said Wes Brown. “Or they make you, you know, do something about it.”

But that’s okay. The channel has a ton of cast, fake snow and, let’s be honest, very serious plot lines to keep its fans tuning in for many more holidays to come.

for further information:

  • “Holiday Legacy”, 16, 17, 19, 23, 29 on the Hallmark Channel
  • “The Holiday Babysitter”, December 17, 20, 26, 30 on the Hallmark Channel
  • “Drawing Holly,” December 21-24 on the Hallmark Channel

Story produced by Gabriel Falcone. Editor: Joseph Frandino.

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