Jamie Redknapp said England were not good at the World Cup and any manager could have matched Gareth Southgate’s results.

I don’t subscribe to this feeling that England did a really good World Cup. Getting to the quarter-finals wasn’t a huge achievement and I don’t think we should celebrate it.

We could have done a lot with the team and the depth we have. The substitutions we made weren’t fast enough and we removed the wrong players.

When I look at France and Argentina in the World Cup final, you think it could have been us. Argentina is a very good team but it is not out of this world. Lionel Messi gave them a difference point and was the reason they won.

England exited the World Cup in the quarter-finals

If you look at the French national team, it was one of the weakest France teams we’ve seen. When I played for them in 1998, they had Zinedine Zidane, Emmanuel Petit, Patrick Vieira and Didier Deschamps as their captains – those were players who could turn the game around.

Compare it to this team: don’t disrespect Olivier Giroud, who had a great tournament, but if he was one of the best scorers…

Olivier Giroud scores France's second goal
Olivier Giroud scores France’s second goal against England

France had neither Karim Benzema nor N’Golo Kante. They had Kylian Mbappe who gave them the X-factor.

We’ll never have a greater chance of beating them than when we played them in the quarter-finals, but the big moments have come their way.

We don’t have that killer instinct in our team, we are a nice football team. We’ve got great young players and we’ve come close, but that’s where the frustration lies. Take a look at the two teams that made it to the final, we’re just as good as they are.

Defensively, we’re a little weaker, too. We did a great job defensively considering what the players were like before the World Cup with injuries. Harry Maguire has had a great World Cup, but in the long term we need to find a central defender who will take us to the elite level.

Any manager can do what Southgate did

Gareth Southgate looks frustrated after England's loss to France
Gareth Southgate looks frustrated after England’s loss to France

He did a decent job, Gareth Southgate. But we shouldn’t think that no one else is there. There will be plenty of good managers who do just as well.

Any young English manager in the Premier League worth the effort would have taken England to the quarter-finals, when you look at the teams we played.

In the 2018 World Cup we had a lot of farewells. We are playing with one good team in Croatia and they beat us. We are playing with a decent team in the World Cup and they beat us.

In the last Euros we beat two decent teams in Denmark and Germany – yet neither of them made it out of their group at this World Cup.

If you look at the nominees now, you’ll see Graham Potter at Chelsea, Eddie Howe doing a great job at Newcastle. Frank Lampard, who has a great history playing for England, is at Everton. It didn’t work out for Steven Gerrard at Aston Villa, but any of them could have done as well as Southgate.

Eddie Howe at Tottenham Hotspur
Newcastle manager Eddie Howe has been described as a contender for the job as the next England manager

Gareth isn’t being silly, he knows there’s a great chance of winning the Euros and we’ll get better and better – why should we hand over the baton and give someone else that chance? He thought, “I’d better take this job very quickly unless someone else does it and it’s a real success.”

Now Gareth was given this chance again – he made the most of it. Let’s not be happy with the quarter-final finish, we should expect more.

It was very close. We have to appreciate that we have good players. You’ve got Judd Bellingham who you can build a team around, Harry Kane will be there in a couple of years, there’s Declan Rice and Phil Foden – who I’d like to see in midfield.

Qatar was the best World Cup final I’ve ever seen

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Jamie Redknapp says the World Cup final between Argentina and France is the best in living memory.

The World Cup final was an amazing spectacle. Two iconic players going head to head in Mbappe and Messi, you never knew which way to go.

I’d say it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen. Some would argue it was 1966, imagine doing analysis on that! He crossed the line, right? Geoff Hurst with a left foot, a right foot, and a header hat-trick.

In my vivid memory, I remember watching world cup tournaments like 1986 with Diego Maradona single-handedly leading Argentina to the final, which was only 1-0 but he contributed the assist.

But the best? I had to go with this – it was all you want from a football game.

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