Katie Price slams Peter Andre and blames money problems on exes

Katie Price has been slammed by her ex, Peter Andre, after claiming that all of her money problems are due to her ex-husbands.

The mother-of-five said the men are the “downfall of her life” because she “paid for” their lives, leaving her completely devastated.


Katie Price said love was her “downfall in life”credit: instagram

Katie, 44, said that “all her dramas” were “always caused by men” ahead of her upcoming bankruptcy hearing.

She told The Times that she was a “love sufferer” and had spent millions on her relationships as she had a “need for validation”.

“You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that men are the downfall of my life. It’s a million percent,” she explained.

“All my dramas, my bankruptcy—it’s all men. Always men.”

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“When you see your exes gloat about them, knowing you paid for things, that’s my worst torment.

“My triggers, when I go on the slopes, are guys. And I’m a sucker for love. I used to need validation. Guys approval. He wants them to want me, but they don’t.”

Katie was declared bankrupt in November 2019 – after receiving a fortune of £45 million.

In October, Katie avoids paying a whopping £370,000 when her company, Jordan Trading Ltd, officially writes off hundreds of thousands of debts.

Joint liquidator Simon Thomas stated that there was no chance of recovery of all the debts, as the company owed £192,376 in tax levy and £25,745 to trade creditors.

Katie also took out £152,423 in principals’ loans, which she failed to repay, for a total of £370,544.

We can disclose that the total amount is now £3.265m with Jordan Trading Ltd owed 4.73 per cent of this figure, which will never be recovered.

Now, a drawn-out legal battle awaits creditors who personally owe money from Katie, whose £1.3m ‘bad mansion’ is at risk.

Katie will be back in court next year for a bankruptcy hearing.

The next hearing is scheduled to take place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on 9 February 2023.

It comes after Katie and her latest love interest, Carl Woods, revealed that they had gone their separate ways following their cheating scandal.

Last week, the former supermodel took to her Instagram Stories to reveal to her fans that she’s “single, strong, and independent.”

The couple was thought to have traveled to Austria together last week — but the insider said they are “on the rocks” again.

The on-again, off-again couple has since split — with Katie confirming the status of her relationship with a stark Instagram post today.

She posted a quote that read: “One – strong, independent, noticeable, loving, enlightened.”

Last month, Katie and Carl were embroiled in a “cheating” scandal, as he took to social media to confirm that they were no longer together.

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They soon after headed out for a break together, but sources indicated that things aren’t as rosy as they seem.

Insiders said the couple were on “the rocks” as they “argued” during their trip – describing the relationship as “up and down.”

Katie recently separated from her ex-husband, Carl Woods


Katie recently separated from her ex-husband, Carl WoodsCredit: INSTAGRAM

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