Line Of Duty returns to shock with a show that delivers an explosive climax

HIT cop drama, Line of Duty returns to deliver the explosive climax fans denied in the latest series.

Stars Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston board the three-part BBC1 special.


Chief Supt Ted Hastings as played by Adrian DunbarCredit: PA
Vicki McClure and Martin Compston as AC-12 Champions Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott


Vicki McClure and Martin Compston as AC-12 Champions Kate Fleming and Steve ArnottCredit: BBC
Nigel Boyle plays Ian Buckells, revealed as H.


Nigel Boyle plays Ian Buckells, revealed as H.Credit: pixel8000

“There is a strong sense of unfinished business,” said a TV insider.

Fans of the show are hoping Copper H will finally be unveiled when three new episodes of the hit cop drama premiere next year.

Many of the 13 million who watched the sixth series felt it huge to learn jester Det Supt Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyle) was an elusive mastermind with links to organized crime.

Fans are left wondering if this is a true ending after nine years of exciting storylines, or a red herring by creator Jed Mercurio.

Vicky McClure is renewing hope for Line of Duty fans as she drops off the Season 7 update
Adrian Dunbar drops a huge hint about Line of Duty season 7 and warns fans

Principal actors Martin Compston, 38, Vicki McClure, 39, and Adrian Dunbar, 64, are on board to return as AC-12 heroes with a view to filming from spring.

The last three parts can be shown as early as next Christmas.

A TV insider told The Sun: “There was a very strong feeling, especially among fans, that there was unfinished business with Line of Duty.

Viewers weren’t happy with the end of series six and were crying out for a more exciting conclusion – now Jed can deliver that.

The question is whether the person who led us to believe H was really the villain AC-12 was hunting or if it was some other enemy.

There is also another theory, a darker puppet master at work.

“The fact that they’re looking to take the unusual step of making three episodes instead of the usual six or seven is a reflection of how unique this show is.”

Writer Jed, 56, has never ruled out returning to the story.

And the superstars have recently been dropping increasingly strong hints about a comeback.

Vicki, who plays DI Kate Fleming, told Good Morning Britain on Tuesday: “I talk to the guys all the time and we all love it, we all play.

“I think it’s just a case now… Martin, I think he’s in about nine shows or something. He’s busy, so I’m sure we’ll get there.”

Martin – DI Steve Arnott – said of Line of Duty last week: “I’m so confused that people want it back.

But who knows? I would love to work with guys again. Adrian, Vicky and Jed are already some of my good friends.

“It’s been ten years together and we talk every day, really.”

Adrian, who had a huge crush on Chief Supt Ted Hastings sayings like “Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Little Donkey,” currently has his own ITV cop show, Ridley.

Vicky is starring in Without Sin and has a second series of Trigger Point on ITV.

Coordinating their diaries can be difficult which is why the bosses consider three rings.

“I think generally there is a willingness among everyone to do something but I think we will have to wait a little bit longer,” Adrian said a few weeks ago.

He said that the cast were keen to go out for one last outing because the sixth series was under lockdown restrictions.

Adrian added, “It wasn’t exactly fun. We couldn’t hang out. We couldn’t go out.”

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“We were all kind of in a bubble so we didn’t have the same feeling — and that’s one of the reasons we want to do another bubble.”

The BBC declined to comment.

Adrian said the cast were excited about the final outing because the sixth series was on lockdown


Adrian said the cast were excited about the final outing because the sixth series was on lockdownCredit: BBC
Adrian said:


“I think in general there is a willingness among everyone to do something,” Adrian said.Credit: A.P

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