Luther confirms its official title with a new look

upcoming netflix Luther The movie has now been given an official title, along with a number of new photos of Idris Elba in the role.

Confirmation via Twitter account, Netflix has revealed that the movie will be called Luther: Fallen Sun And it will be released in March next year.

Elba also gave fans an idea of ​​what to expect in the upcoming movie Entertainment Weekly It will follow from 2019’s dramatic series finale – which saw John Luther being sent to prison.

“He did so much to break the law in order to catch bad guys that he ended up in jail,” Elba said.

“This is where we begin the story. He is thinking about what he is going to do with his life.”


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He continued, “Luthor is very haunted — that’s all. Even when he’s a free man, he can’t help but haunt him, chasing ghosts that run into his head. And I think that’s what drives him in this movie.”

Although the movie was picked up right after the series finale, director Jimmy Payne added that watching the show isn’t necessary to understand it fallen sun.

“The story continues in some ways — if you overwrite the series from season one to the movie, then the story continues,” he said.

“But because the movie has such a big platform, we thought it was important that if someone was seeing the movie for the first time that they had their own story. It was important to all of us that the audience find the way to the series.”

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Elba also confirmed that new fans need not worry about fully updating the series in order to enjoy the movie.

“If you watched last season, it picks up after that,” he said (via The Jess Cagle Show). “But for a new audience that hasn’t seen it, I think the movie is a complete story.”

Luther: Fallen Sun It will stream on Netflix from March 2023, while all five seasons are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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