MANCHESTER UNITED LAST TIME: Erik ten Hag releases ‘Wild Truths About Homeland’ is anything but

When do “facts” become “wild household facts”? When you can pretend the Manchester United manager said something controversial…

when the sun Bring up the “REVEALED” tag, it’s know-how. He might also say “pollux” because he always is.

And so as Manchester United prepare to face Burnley in the Carabao Cup, it has been revealed…

Why winning trophies still doesn’t make Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag happy as he continues to rebuild his project

Why oh why? Is it because Ten Hag is not a child and would not consider his job at Manchester United done just because they won the Carabao Cup? Is it still difficult for some simple people to understand?

The answer, of course, is that Ten Hag wasn’t talking about titles at all, but merely answered the question of whether he was “satisfied” with his debut at Manchester United with the following:

“I always say being complacent makes you lazy.

“I am happy with the way the players are performing and because they are playing as a team with the right spirit and the right mentality.

But there is always a battle to keep that progress going. It means maintaining high standards.”

If you read these incredibly soothing quotes – made two weeks ago in Jerez, long before the Burnley game and any talk of titles – and immediately thought “Eric ten Hag admits he doesn’t feel good – even if he starts racking up trophies” congratulations Because you, too, could be working on The Sun, complete with quirky, 57-year-old cultural references bolts Transcript.

You can’t handle the truth
And if you think those words constitute “brutal household truths,” you can work for it Goal

Click through to those ‘Homeland Harsh Facts’ and you’ll find ‘Ten Hag insists Man United are still ‘a long way’ from getting back to the top.

Was he to “insist”? We suspect the journalists who spoke to Ten Hag in Spain two weeks ago didn’t need much convincing that Manchester United are really nowhere near a return to the upper echelons of English football.

The clues abound there: Manchester United are fifth, 11 points behind leaders Arsenal, and are close to six years without a trophy. These are not “brutal house facts”. They are just facts.

ZZ bottom
earlier this week the team They published an update on Zinedine Zidane’s future writing that the Frenchman would very much like to return to management but in fact he is in no rush. They also said he wasn’t even remotely interested in working in the Premier League, which has been reported many times before.

Just like here…

It’s not really news. But if you’re into British football, this isn’t just ‘news’ but ‘Manchester United news’. Because clicks.

‘Manchester United learns Zinedine Zidane’s position on replacing Eric ten Hag as new management plan’

Fabulous. Just awesome. This is Express sitejust casually pretending that Manchester United had learned anything at all or actually had any plans to replace a manager who had only been in charge for a few months.

Manchester United learned Zinedine Zidane’s position on replacing Eric ten Hag. The Frenchman was previously a target for the Red Devils, but it appears he has no intention of managing the club in the future.

And the Red Devils have no intention of asking him, but how important is that? Man United Man United Man United.

Not even five months have passed since Ten Hag entered his first season as United manager. There is absolutely no indication that his tenure at the club will be short.

Aside from the fancy indication of your address, they are designed to indicate this accurately.

And wherever one Reach post goes, all the others follow, so here comes the mirror site:

“Zinedine Zidane changes his position on the return of the administration after a call from Manchester United.”

Oh you do f*** off.

Dirty Sancho


“previous president”.

Is it Lucien Favre? Is it Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Is it Edin Terzic? Is he, and that sounds a little rude, former Manchester City youth coach Lee Carsley? No, no, no, no, it’s even worse.

Five paragraphs in…

Carlisle United manager Paul Simpson, who coached Sancho as part of the England youth setup during his formative years at Manchester City.


But maybe the name is disappointing but the ‘important message’ is really vital?

“I think the big thing I got out of him is that he’s still a little boy.”

This is really an “important message”. We were actually going to call it a “brutal home reality.” If we were divorced [redacted].

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