Monster Movie strategy game ‘Kaiju Wars’ crashes Onto Switch today

Publisher Klabater brought the biggest monsters you can think of to Switch today, as the popular strategy game Kaiju Wars burst onto the eShop.

In this game based on the monster movie, you take control of the mayor as they lead an army and fight to take down the creatures of Godzilla. All those monster movies you grew up watching? You are the one facing the creatures now.

With five types of kaiju to fend off, each with unique skills and types of destruction as well as the ability to mutate, you’ll need help constructing buildings to lure these monsters away from the city and target them for elimination. The VCR’s retro-style visuals make it feel like you’re playing through an old ’80s video game over and over again – and hey, you gotta see everyone of monsters right?

Here’s what to expect from a Klabater match:

Army Command

1) We need more time! – Play as the Mayor of Floatio City, who is tasked with repelling the overwhelming force of kaiju attack. Park tanks and planes in the way of the beast to slow it down (don’t worry, we have a good insurance policy)
2) Building construction! – Build bases and airfields for the sacrificial army to distract the kaiju and surround the city streets with fodder
3) Deploy experimental weapons! – Order freeze ray and turn mechas into fighting to keep kaiju at bay
4) evacuation! – Our chief scientist is working on an anti-monster serum, but it’s not ready yet! Be ready to evacuate the lab using transport trucks, boats or planes when the Kaiju gets too close

Fight KAIJU!

1) Five unique kaiju – Each specializes in different types of destruction.
2) They are transforming! -Shudder as each kaiju grows stronger and gains devastating abilities through mid-level mutations.
3) on fire! – Kaiju can’t be killed, it can only be slowed down and forced to retreat… for now. Pepper them with ammunition, if you can..
4) predictable! — moving toward the nearest building, these scientists matched exact odds as to where they might go next. Use this information wisely!

Campaign mode!

1) Uncover the mystery Strange things happen: frequent volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Find out why over the course of a 15+ hour story-driven campaign
2) Go on a campaign – Play missions from around the world as you progress in the world trot battle against kaiju. Test your wits in tactical puzzles, command dozens of units in large-scale scenarios, and fend off repeated attacks while developing your city economically in city defense missions.
3) Upgrade your ACES – Veteran ACE units accompany you throughout your campaign. Spend medals to upgrade and customize your best fighters
4) Customize your project deck – Unlock powerful Venture cards, customize your deck, and bring your best strategies to protect the city from the brutal Kaiju!

Will you pick this up at the Switch eShop? Have you played Kaiju Wars on Steam? Let us know!

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