Morbius actually gave us the best movie moment of 2022

There is not much that can be replaced Morbius as a standalone feature. Jared Leto There’s nothing going on in terms of the titular character in the lead role, the action sequences are dated, and just about every frame of the movie is covered in shimmering blue lighting. When it comes to the movie itself, there isn’t much behind some Matt Smith Dance that can be saved. Yet somehow, the most forgettable superhero movie of 2022 managed to inspire one of the greatest movie moments of the year. Fans ridicule the weird and memes that surrounded it Morbiusand the hair-raising launch decisions from Sony/Columbia Pictures that those elements inspired have proven endlessly fascinating. Morbius It ended up showing the gap between the internet and the studios being too expensive and how audiences can choose movies for their means.

Where’s Morbius? Memes started

Jared Leto as Morbius in Morbius
Image via Sony

Because of the speed at which the Internet moves, not to mention the number of social media posts spawning huge movements or pop culture reputations that are initially thought of as “disposable,” it can be difficult to trace the origins of even the most popular Internet memes. But sometime in the end of April 2022 and the beginning of May 2022, when Morbius It was in theaters for about a month, and a meme started circulating based on a fictional scene from the movie where the titular character says “Time to get angry!” These jokes on the Internet were an evolution of just how dry Morbius It inspired sarcastic gags about the film’s release about declaring it a “masterpiece”, which included one Martin Scorsese that Morbius star Tyrese Gibson Apparently he thought it legitimate.

Those earlier gags have now doubled up as a “morbine time” joke, with the joke being particularly funny because it suggests a sense of levity and silliness. MorbiusAs a movie, it was sorely lacking. This titular anti-hero was so lacking in vitality that it made Edward Cullen appear Bill Paxton From near dark. No wonder people were looking to fill the void left by the actual movie with memes that suggested a vastly superior version of the movie. Morbius, something people can’t stop quoting online. The whole thing has become so ubiquitous that even Jared Leto got in on the act by pointing out the phenomenon in an Instagram post.

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It may sound difficult, but it is true that some jokes or pieces of language popular with the common people lose their luster once people in high positions start using them. This is why children stop indulging in certain pieces of slang as soon as they hear their parents use it. What was once rebellious and distinct from a certain section of the population has been stripped of its exclusivity and danger. This practice has been working with Leto to name-drop the “learned time” meme, as something that pokes fun at the shortcomings of Morbius She’s now been courted by the movie star to promote her existence, intentionally or not. This should have been the end of the whole thing…but the best, including the greatest movie moment of 2022, is yet to come.

Sony/Columbia tries to jump on the ‘Morbius’ meme bandwagon

Jared Leto as Morbius in Morbius
Image via Sony

On June 3, 2022, Morbius It has returned to more than 1,000 cinemas in North America. As well as providing your local AMC something to play between its opening weekends Top Gun: Maverick And the Jurassic World: Dominionthere was not much use in owning Morbius Return to the big screen as it quickly faded after its early April 2022 debut. Sudden interest from Sony/Columbia Pictures in Vision Morbius The return to wide release was entirely due to the “time to die” phenomenon. It wasn’t enough for Jared Leto to refer to the meme in his social media posts. Now the studio itself has been riding the coattails of all those “lefty time” posts to try and boost the movies’ box office. Much like Tommy Wiseau inclined to the idea that the room It was always meant to be a comic, and now Sony wanted it to Morbius Being something that can thrive instead of being mocked by memes.

Needless to say, the re-release was a financial disaster. Totaling just $300,000 in that frame, Morbius He died on the vine in this re-release, with none of this internet ubiquitousness people actually want to fork over the cash and see it on the big screen. The breakup was great. Sony/Columbia Pictures really seems to believe that, at best, all cynicism is out Morbius It may translate to renewed interest in the actual movie. At worst, the studio has clearly completely misinterpreted the memes as being genuine interest in the feature. Whatever the reasoning, the reissue Morbius It failed spectacularly and boldly emphasized the huge gap between the people on the Internet and the people who run the movie studios.

Surprisingly, instead of a major conglomerate successfully repurposing a meme to make itself laden with extra cash, there was a moment when the internet repurposed a cash grab to mean something unique and personal. It was the common people who were in control of this specific scenario, not the wealthy corporate bosses. There’s something to be said for that, especially since more jokes have been made at the expense of this failed re-release. struggle Morbius As a blockbuster hit, it was nearly endless, and despite Sony/Columbia’s best efforts, a group of memes couldn’t reverse its fate at the box office.

‘Morbius’ re-release fails in the context of 2022

Matt Smith as Loxias Crown in Morbius
Image via Sony

As the months go by, the constant jokes spin Morbius It’s not as excited as it was in the first few weeks of summer 2022. Still, even with several other blockbuster sequels released since Jared Leto graced the silver screen, you’d be hard-pressed to find another example of a similar phenomenon in 2022 cinema. both of those Morbius Memes and ill-advised theatrical re-releases are complete anomalies in the 2022 filmmaking landscape, which only ensures that the myth surrounding these releases will only grow in the years to come. There is no saving the critical and box office crushing movie Morbius Received, but “lefty time” memes will only keep their notoriety growing.

While the internet tends to take the wrong lessons (if you exclude any notable concept period) from big events, that’s all Morbius The fiasco that served as one of the best movie moments of 2022 should be a guiding light for future memes on the web. Not every joke on the Internet needs to have that level of impact in order to be meaningful or even just funny, but the way these jokes ended up being mocked by Sony/Columbia Pictures shows the power these jokes can have over larger corporations.

The “left time” meme emerged as one of the best movie moments of 2022 not because of its humor, but the way it showed how people can take a cynical studio product and twist it to make something new and exciting. Story of the Morbius It didn’t end once the credits rolled and the way the general public, many of whom had never seen before, didn’t MorbiusShe was able to take this story in such ridiculous directions that we were pleased to see. The fact that all of these jokes ended up throwing some whites in the face of powerful studio executives only made this meme phenomenon all the more fun to watch as it unfolded. For better and for worse, “Marbrine Time” will forever be linked to the cinematic exploits of 2022.

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