Most underrated movies about aliens, ranked

Alien movies never go out of style. From the classics of the early atomic age such as It came from outer spaceto the latest hits like No, Alien movies have captivated audiences for decades. While some space movies win Oscars, most are piled on the sci-fi pile for hardcore genre fans just to enjoy. However, the gems hidden in the depths of that pile were underrated gems that deserved more appreciation. From misunderstandings and insults, to masking low-budget wonders and beyond, here’s a list of the most underrated alien movies ever made.

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7/7 Creature (1985)

Creature 1985
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1985 William Malone movie creature It is an easy click to write it off as one of the slew of cheap Ridley Scott imitations alien. In fact, it shares many of its plot points and monkeys overall aesthetic alienBut that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time. creature It follows two rival corporate crews sent to Saturn’s largest moon to search for raw materials. While there, they come into contact with an alien life form that has been dormant for hundreds of thousands of years.

Behind the obvious allusions to alienAnd the creature He has many intriguing ideas, including the creature’s ability to kill humans and use them as sticky toys in a plot to feed on them. Despite the low budget, the movie looks great, with scene after scene filled with either misty, eerie caverns or beautifully realized spaceship interiors. Sure, we’ve seen this kind of stuff before, but if you can’t get enough of loose aliens on blue-collar spaceships, creature It should be at the top of your watchlist.

6/7 Forbidden World (1982)

Forbidden World 1982
New World Pictures

Forbidden world He is one of a handful of alien– Horror films inspired by the legendary B-movie King Roger Corman’s production. Much like creatureThis movie starts out as a copy of Numbers alien, but soon unexpectedly approaches. It centers around a group of researchers on an alien planet who develop an experimental form of life in hopes of preventing an intergalactic food crisis. Unfortunately, the experiment goes awry, the life form collapses, and the team of researchers is put on the list. A forgotten cult classic, brought back by Corman fans and given new life by the Scream Factory, Forbidden world It packs all the bloody alien carnage you could hope for. It’s not as elegant or smart as it is alienbut it is full of fun and highly underrated.

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5/7 Without Warning (1980)

Without Warning 1980
Filmways Pictures

without warning It is a low-budget horror film that follows a gas station attendant and a Vietnam veteran fighting against alien invaders. Although the pacing falters at times, the film more than makes up for it with slimy creature effects and charming moments of oddball brilliance. With a stacked cast that includes Martin Landau, Neville Brand, and Jack Palance and cinematography by the great Dean Cundy, without warning Much better than the reviews would have you believe. It should also be noted, without warning He is credited as one of the main inspirations for the 1987 hit predator.

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4/7 Beast (1982)

Beast Beast 1982
Troma Entertainment

With its gooey monster, mounds of blood, and music provided by a then-unknown young JJ Abrams, naybest According to the Daily Dead, “Everything you could want in a sci-fi/horror/thriller.” It is about a carnivorous creature from outer space that lands and wreaks havoc throughout a small Maryland town. Make no mistake, this is a total B-movie schlock, but it’s very entertaining and packed with cool lo-fi special effects. The titular Nightbeast looks amazing, and was destined to become an ’80s horror icon like Jason Vorhees and The Thing. Sadly, this underrated gem has yet to see such acclaim, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out and basking in its cheesy glory.

3/7 Green Slime (1968)

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The green slime 1968
Toei Corporation

Decades before the infamous saboteur was brought out battle royaleJapanese director Kenji Fukasaku left his mark on the kaiju film genre with his 1968 film green slime. The film follows two astronauts who destroy an asteroid and inadvertently take dangerous cells from the asteroid aboard their space station, giving birth to slimy aliens bent on devouring humanity. It’s a rubber monster action of cosmic proportions, masterfully directed and set to the tune of an amazing rock ‘n’ roll ballad. while not 2001: A Space OdysseyIt’s definitely one of the most underrated alien movies ever made, and one you don’t want to miss.

2/7 Life Force (1985)

Life Force 1985
Canon Film Distributors

Inexplicably missing on many lists of the best Tobe Hooper movies, 1985 life force is a truly underrated sci-fi spectacle about a beautiful but deadly alien vampire who turns London into a zombie-infested city. One of Hoopers’ biggest and best films life force It was initially met with negative reviews and poor box office earnings, but slowly gained a well-deserved fan base.

1/7 The Killer Egg (1983)

The Killer Egg 1983
21st Century Film Company

Killer eggs is a 1983 alien invasion film that tells the story of a dashing alien that crash-lands and hides in a family’s basement, feeding on family members, and growing to gigantic size. It’s a special effects extravaganza, featuring a must-have creature that’s totally imaginative and convincing, plus some truly spooky scenes of the beast feasting on its prey. It’s ambitious and very impressive for its low budget, which, according to Confluence of Cult, was “a mere $25,000.” This bloody alien horror jam deserves to sit alongside The Greatest Extraterrestrial Horror of All Time, and is easily one of the most underrated alien movies ever made.

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