Neville’s ‘hypocritical’ strike at the World Cup has prompted hundreds of complaints

Gary Neville’s World Cup deception has prompted more than 440 complaints to media watchdog Ofcom.

Critics came under fire after ITV’s coverage was hijacked for comparing the working conditions of strikers in the UK to migrant workers in scandal-hit Qatar.


Gary Neville has come under fire for his political tirades in the run-up to Sunday’s World Cup finalCredit: ITV
Harry Redknapp told Jeremy Kyle the rant was 'ridiculous


Harry Redknapp told Jeremy Kyle the rant was ‘ridiculous’Credit: TalkTV

Ofcom have reportedly put pressure on ITV to explain the former England international’s political tirade in the run-up to Sunday’s World Cup final.

The regulator said it was assessing Neville’s on-air statements as a “priority” as he would likely face an investigation into whether he breached the Broadcasting Code.

ITV sources have warned bosses to “remind our sports broadcasters” to avoid politicizing their coverage, DailyMail reports.

Since the exceptional rant, many football pundits have taken offense after feeling he crossed a line.

Redknapp says Neville's rant was completely ridiculous and hypocritical
Gary Neville criticized the staff

Harry Redknapp called the former Manchester United star a “hypocrite” and said his speech was “absolutely ridiculous”.

He told TalkTV: “How can you compare what’s going on there with what’s going on with the train drivers and the nurses.

“We want to see nurses get more money, of course we do, they’re great.

“But you can’t compare the two cases. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Former Three Lions player Danny Mills also announced the rant.

Asked via GP News if Neville should make the speech, he said: “I don’t think so.

“You have a platform as an expert, as a person on TV, obviously you have opinions, but there are people who are better read, better informed to understand all the positions in this.

“We saw it at the start of the World Cup with the BBC not putting the Opening Ceremony on the main channel. Then they showed a soliloquy from Gary Lineker.

“It’s good to have opinions, but if you want to do it, do it on your social media channels because I think you have more influence.

“When you start mixing politics right, I think that’s very dangerous.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also waded into the debate telling the analyst to stick to football.

He told The Mail: “I think when most people tune in to watch Gary Neville, they want to hear about football and watch football. They don’t want to discuss politics.”

His spokesperson added that Neville’s remarks were “clearly not legitimate or appropriate”.

“Absolute pity”

Neville refused to apologize for the rant, attacking the UK government for “demonizing” the striking nurses.

He criticized the World Cup host nation for its “distasteful” treatment of workers, and said people should “hate poor accommodations and working conditions”.

He continued, “We cannot accept that in this or any other region, and it is worth noting that we have a current government in our country that horribly denigrates railway workers, ambulance workers and nurses.

“People can’t be paid a pittance for work, and we can’t have people in abhorrent, disgusting accommodations. That shouldn’t be happening here.

“This should not happen here with the wealth that exists.

“But this should not happen with the nurses in our country either as our nurses have to fight for an extra pound or two.”

Although he lectured on workers’ rights, several former employees criticized the working conditions at his hotel.

Former staff at Manchester’s Hotel Football say they are “overworked and underappreciated”.

In a scathing review on the job site Indeed, one worker said, “If you like being overworked and underappreciated, I’ve found you calling.

“It is usually understaffed and overworked. Training is non-existent.

“I always work over my contracted hours and don’t get paid for overtime, I’m told to take time off instead, but that’s impossible when there’s no staff to cover that.

“Management is only interested in making a profit and doesn’t really care how that is going to happen.

“I wouldn’t recommend working here right now because I know for a fact that most of the key staff are looking to move on because of the circumstances.”

While Neville hijacked ITV’s coverage to attack poor working conditions, another former hotel employee criticized his work as “greedy”.

They added that “top management is more concerned with cutting costs than generating money and providing good service and good working conditions.”

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Following the backlash to his letter, an Ofcom spokesperson said: “We are assessing this content as a priority and have asked ITV to provide us with details about the broadcast to inform us of this work”.

An ITV spokesperson said: “Gary Neville was expressing his personal views in the context of a discussion about the treatment of workers in Qatar on a live broadcast. His views are his own and have not been endorsed by ITV.”

Gary Neville is rated as


Gary Neville has been branded a ‘hypocrite’ for his political ranting at the World Cup

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