New series of Prince Harry and Meghan on Netflix: Trailer released for a documentary film based on Nelson Mandela

A trailer has been released for a new Netflix series presented by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with climate change activist Greta Thunberg and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern among the characters speaking about their “inspiring life stories”.

Live To Lead is a documentary that Prince Harry says was inspired by the late Nelson Mandela, and the promotional clip includes footage of the former South African president and anti-apartheid activist.

In addition to Ms. Thunberg and Ms. Ardern, other personalities covered include American social justice activist Brian Stephenson, the late American Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and South African attorney Albie Sachs.

Captain of the South African rugby union team It’s ColesieHe is the first black player ever to hold the position, and has also appeared with American social and political activist Gloria Steinem.

Prince Harry appears in the trailer. Pic: Netflix

A tweet by the operator contained a 39-second clip with the words: “Their voices give us hope. Their actions shape our world. Their leadership inspires our future.”

The release of the trailer comes just days after the second three-episode installment of the royal couple series Harry & Meghan aired on the streaming service.

incoming programs New allegations Against the royal family, the Sussex also criticized their treatment at the hands of the press.

The second volume of Harry & Megan He went much further than the first, accusing Harry William From yelling and yelling at him at a summit meeting about “Megset”, and saying he believes He and his wife lost their child in 2020 due to coverage in the mail.

Among other revelations was that Harry said a joint statement was issued without his permission in his and his brother’s names, denying a story that William had “bullied” him out of the royal family.

He also accused William’s office of circulating stories – something they “promised” they would never do when they were younger.

Buckingham Palace has not responded to the latest allegations, nor Claims a week ago.

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Harry and Meghan defend the decision to make a Netflix series

Nelson Mandela
Harry says the series is inspired by Nelson Mandela. Pic: Netflix

In the short trailer for Live To Lead, Harry says: “This is inspired by Nelson Mandela who once said that what matters in life isn’t just the fact that we’ve lived…”

Megan completes the quote, saying, “…it is the difference we make in the lives of others that will determine the importance of the lives we live.”

As Harry later said in the clip: “It’s about people who made brave choices.”

“To fight for change, to become leaders,” Meghan adds, before Harry goes on to say: “And giving inspiration to the rest of us. To live and lead.”

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Referring to the new show, Netflix said on its website: “Leaders committed to making a difference in the world share their inspiring life stories in this series, which is executive produced by Prince Harry and Meghan.”

Jacinda Ardern.  Pic: AP
New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern. Pic: AP

The series, which is co-produced by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, is set to premiere on December 31.

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