Perfect Paramount: Ranked the top 10 films by the studio’s total number of films, according to Box Office Mojo

Paramount Pictures is undoubtedly the studio’s biggest success story of 2022. The studio has managed to rack up more than $2 billion at the global box office across just ten releases, most of them without counting on long-running franchises either. What makes Paramount’s success so refreshing is the variety of genres and styles of films they’ve released this year, proving that the studio is willing to take risks and put its faith in directors and stars.

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Between the second adventure of the swift blue hedgehog and the long-awaited return of a certain fighter pilot, Paramount offered something for everyone this year. But which movie has had the most box office success?

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“Contractor” – $2,122,288

Contractor Chris Payne Social

undertaker It was a difficult journey to the big screen. After production wrapped in 2019, COVID delayed the film’s release until April 2022, at which point Paramount released it in theaters and simultaneously on VOD. This is often a move that studios make when they don’t have a great deal of faith in a movie, and the average reviews of the movie certainly supported their decision.

The choice of a simultaneous VOD release hurt the film’s box office, and without taking the VOD numbers into account, the film already had a rather big loss. According to Box Office Mojo, it only earned $2,122,288 on a reported budget of $50 million.

Orphan: First Kill – $37,083,743


Thirteen years after the original movie, Orphan: First kill It marked the return of Isabelle Fuhrmann to her most famous role. This test follows a young Esther as she escapes from an Estonian psychiatric asylum before traveling to America by pretending to be the missing child of a wealthy family.

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Although more than a decade has passed between films, audiences’ desire to see more of Esther’s deranged behavior has not waned. Orphan: First kill It was released in theaters, on VOD, and on Paramount+ simultaneously, making its worldwide haul of $37,083,743 (sourced via Box Office Mojo) even more impressive.

“Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank” – $41,673,213

Paws Of Fury Samuel L. Jackson Trailer
Image via Paramount

It’s been a strange year for animation, with both Light year And the Strange new worlds It failed to attract audiences and underperformed widely. With those two notable twists in mind, it just gets even more impressive Paws of Fury: The Legend of HankThe film, which began its original production in 2015, has taken in $41,673,213 at the box office worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

Much of the film’s success can be attributed to its stellar voice cast, which features its ilk Samuel L. JacksonAnd the Michael CeraAnd the Michelle YeohAnd the Ricky Gervais. However, their enthusiastic performance couldn’t save the movie from very bad reviews.

‘Jackass Forever’ – $80,483,993

Steve-O in Jackass Forever
Image via Paramount Pictures

Is there anything more enjoyable than watching a group of grown men put their bodies through every kind of pain imaginable for their entertainment? No, there is not. Or at least that’s what donkey forever Worldwide box office earnings of $80,483,993 (sourced via Box Office Mojo) seem to indicate that.

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11 years after the gang last got together to torture each other, Johnny KnoxvilleAnd the Steve O, and the rest of the men once gathered together for the pleasure of watching. Made on an estimated budget of just ten million, the movie did very well and treated viewers to some of the best stunts of all time.

Cry – $140,041,405

Ghost face holding a knife in the cry

Old sequels don’t get any more meta than Screamthe fifth installment in the horror hit franchise and the first not to be directed by The Departed Wes Craven. Thank God, new directors Matt Bettinelli Olbin And the Tyler Gillette It managed to pay homage to the franchise’s roots while taking it in a new direction, resulting in overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The long-awaited sequel to the franchise has brought back series regulars Neve CampbellAnd the Courteney CoxAnd the David Arquette But it also introduced a host of new young characters, managing to appeal to both hardcore fans and those who haven’t watched the previous installments. Scream It grossed $140,041,405 at the global box office, according to Box Office Mojo, which guarantees another sequel set to hit theaters in March 2023.

The Lost City – $190,844,029

The Lost City Sandra Bullock Channing Tatum Socialite
Image via Paramount

pairing rom-com legend Sandra Bullock With the effortlessly funny and charming Channing Tatum You will always attract crowds. Unsurprisingly, the lost City It was a huge success at the box office. The film saw romantic novelist Pollock drift off into a jungle adventure with her cover model after she is the victim of an attempted kidnapping.

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Rom-coms had been absent from the big screen for a number of years prior to this, but the stellar performances are in the lost City And the balanced mix of sincerity and goofy comedy reminded audiences just how good the genre can be – resulting in a box office total, according to Box Office Mojo, of $190,844,029.

‘Smile’ – $216,135,048

Caitlin Stasey smiles eerily for the camera on film

2022 has been a stellar year for the horror genre, with countless movies terrifying audiences and lulling them to sleep with the light on for weeks afterward, but there was arguably no bigger success than Paramount’s. smiling. The movie he wrote and directed Parker FinnIt opened to incredible reviews and drew audiences thanks to its horrific jump scares and sinister plot.

As with many horror films, Smile didn’t claim a huge budget (estimated at $17 million), but the movie managed to turn a massive profit regardless. According to Box Office Mojo, the surprise hit film grossed $216,135,048 at the global box office.

‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ – $402,656,846


Nobody expects sonic the hedgehog franchise to become a juggernaut at the box office today. The first film managed to gross over $300 million despite opening just before the pandemic shutdown, and sonic the hedgehog 2 It followed suit, becoming the highest-grossing video game film in history.

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Sonic sequel doubles down on everything fans loved about the first movie by adding more action scenes and introducing fan favorite characters, Knuckles and Tails. Due to the massive success of the series, which grossed $402,656,846 worldwide (according to Box Office Mojo), the third Sonic movie is set to hit theaters in December 2024.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ – $1,488,732,821

The best maverick feature is the renunciation of guilt

For all of Paramount Pictures’ success this year, nothing has come close to the massive critical and commercial reception it has had. Top Gun: Maverick. Despite waiting over three decades for the sequel, fans have flocked to movie theaters to see Maverick’s latest adventure. Tom Cruise Once again sexy in the role, and a new actress, featuring Miles Teller And the Glen Powelljust to name a few, is cast perfectly.

The movie showcases some of the most dynamic action movies of recent times, making viewers feel like they’re in the cockpit alongside Maverick. The film is now considered the 83rd best film ever made, according to IMDb, and grossed an impressive $1,488,732,821 at the global box office, according to Box Office Mojo. Given the incredible success of the sequel, audiences are desperately hoping we won’t have to wait another 36 years for a third installment.

“Babylon” – TBD


Babylon, Paramount Pictures’ final release of the year, has just opened in theaters and so far, the film has divided audiences. Written and directed by the famous director Damien ChazelleThe three-hour epic follows the rise and fall of a cast of characters during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The movie is expected to do well during award season, having already been nominated for five Golden Globes, and that will likely help the box office. Beyond that, the stars Margot Robbie And the Brad Pitt It manages to get audiences hooked on whatever they shine in, so it’s safe to assume that despite the film’s mixed reviews, Babylon will likely cap off a great year for Paramount with another hit.

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