Primal Scream and Charlatans keyboardist Martin Duffy dies at 55

The tribute is paid to Primal Scream keyboardist Martin Duffy, who also performed with The Charlatans, after his death at the age of 55.

The news was confirmed by The Charlatans Tim Burgess and Creation Records founder Alan McGee, who signed Primal Scream to his label in the 1980s.

Come Less than 24 hours after it was announced that another music star had gone missingThe Specials frontman Terry Hall.

“More sad news,” McGee wrote on Instagram. “Martin Duffy passed away yesterday…a beautiful man, very sad.”

Duffy, who grew up in Birmingham, joined indie-pop band Felt, who also signed with Creation Records, when he was 16, before joining Bobby Gillespie’s Primal Scream – from part-time to full-time member.

He was part of the line-up when the band released their third album, Screamadelica, in 1991, their first commercially successful album and winner of the inaugural Mercury Prize the following year.

The musician also rose to fame at the last minute for playing with The Charlatans when they supported Oasis at Knebworth in 1996, after their keyboardist Rob Collins had died in a car accident just a few weeks earlier. He also went on to help finish the band’s fifth album, Tellin’ Stories, which was recorded that year.

Paying tribute to a “true friend,” Burgess called Duffy’s death “another tragic loss of a beautiful soul.”

Duffy was also a member of the major rock band The Chavs, formed in 2004 by former Libertines guitarist Carl Barratt and Burgess along with drummer Andy Burrows of Razorlight. In 2012 he performed as part of another super group at a fundraising concert at Manchester Cathedral, this time featuring Burgess and Mark Collins of The Charlatans with Peter Hook of New Order.

In recent years, he has toured as part of Burgess’ live band, playing music from the singer’s solo albums.

Throughout his career, he has also contributed keys to songs by Oasis, The Chemical Brothers, and Beth Orton.

Oasis star Liam Gallagher was among those paying tribute, writing on Twitter: “RIP DUFFY PRIMAL SCREAM DYA KNOW WHAT I mean LG.”

Cherry Red Records, Felt’s first label before Creation, shared a statement saying, “We are saddened to hear the news of the passing of Martin Duffy. An amazing musician who made amazing contributions to every album he played on, we will miss him. A true rock and roll star.”

Music journalist Paul Stokes posted a photo of Duffy on Twitter, writing: “Martin Duffy made many important contributions to many wonderful recordings. His performance with @thecharlatans at Knebworth in the aftermath of Rob Collins’ death was a moment of pure emotional brilliance. He will be truly missed.”

The electric band’s Asian Dub tweeted: “So sad news, someone we toured with besides #PrimalScream and an all round great person has left us. Brilliant keyboardist #MartinDuffy ADF salutes you, thanks for all the good vibes.”

Happy Mondays singer Roweta shared a series of sad emojis, while former Oasis guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs tweeted in response to Burgess: “Sad news Tim.”

No details of Duffy’s cause of death have been released.

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