Ranked 10 most challenging boss fights in video game history

It’s time for a dddddddd duel

The list of the most challenging boss fights of all time is necessarily flawed. I, of course, haven’t played every video game, nor have I experienced every boss fight in video games that I have. You have game. I am also only one person, and I can only talk about my own experience. I’ve watched other players go through boss battles that took me hours, and vice versa. This list is by nature very subjective and personal.

However, you have played an awful lot of video games, and have faced off against an awful lot of bosses. I may not be able to compile an objective and definitive list, but I think I can make a very good list. With that in mind, I’d like to take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the most frustratingly bad things I’ve ever felt because of combat.

10.50/20 – The ultimate custom night

The ultimate custom night Something of a digestif for the Scott Cawthon-helmed era Five nights at Freddy’s‘s. The game contains a total of 50 secret enemies whose behavior the player can modify. Setting all 50 enemies to level 20, the most aggressive level, allows you to experience 50/20, the most demanding single night in the game. Five nights at Freddy’s History. it is so difficult.

FNaF, at its best, is a series about balancing spinning boards, and playing by 50/20 means balancing a truly astounding number of boards. All 50 enemies require different reactions, and it’s almost impossible to keep up with each of them at their most aggressive. It’s an unconventional “boss battle”, but a really tough one.

9. Thunderblight Ganon – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’m not a big fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildFight. The game is a great physics sandbox, but I always found it a bit lacking like an RPG. My dissatisfaction with the game’s intense combat culminated in the ridiculously frustrating battle of Thunderblight Ganon. The other three battles of Divine Beast Ganon are reasonably forgettable, but this one is more memorable due to the controller’s smashing difficulty.

Thunderblight Ganon is incredibly fast and incredibly powerful. Stunning in its first phase is essentially a death sentence, which means dodging and dashing quickly is just the only viable strategy. The later stages are more troublesome and indicative. This is one of those boss fights that is very difficult and very annoying.

8. Sephiroth – Kingdom Hearts

Speaking of difficult and annoying…

Kingdom Hearts It’s another action RPG with combat that I don’t mess with. The motion is subpar and the camera is pretty miserable. It’s generally not hard to get past these issues in the main game, but the optional bosses are downright annoying. Sephiroth is easily the hardest, demanding that the player learn all the intricacies of the painfully inelegant combat system.

7. Starscourge Radahn – Sheikh’s ring

Yes, of course FromSoftware is on this list. Not to spoil too much, but FromSoftware is already on this list a few times. The studio’s latest game, Sheikh’s ring, filled with outrageously difficult boss encounters. No doubt many will wonder how I can leave the difficult legendary battles with characters like Malenia, Blade of Miquella or Elden Beast.

In fact, I can’t include those fights on this list because I never got to them. I’m stuck in Starscourge Radahn, who likes to obliterate my beloved horse without a second thought. I’m sure there are tougher boss fights Sheikh’s ring, but I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll ever run into them. So Radan gets the spot.

6. Dice King – cuphead

There are a lot of very difficult boss fights cuphead, but the penultimate competitor, Dice King, has to be the toughest. That’s because King Dice isn’t just a rave-defying foe – he’s somewhere between four and ten.

King Dice battle is actually a boss rush game consisting of randomly selected mini-bosses. There is an outside chance that you might get lucky and only encounter easy enemies during this fight, but you will most likely be knocked out over and over again, forcing you to start over from the beginning. The final battle in cuphead Very tough, but it’s this second-to-last fight that really tests the skills I’ve developed up to this point.

5. Genocide Sans – Undertale

There are a few optional bosses on this list, enemies you’ll have to hunt down on your own. However, few bosses are quite as optional as Sans. In order to take on Sans, you have to kill every enemy in the game Undertaleconducting the Genocide Race, a route that is much more challenging (in terms of gameplay and emotion) than anything else in the game. Undertale.

The culmination of this incredibly tough run is an incredibly tough final battle. It is known that genocide sans hard. If the philosophical weight to eliminate all the witch’s personality Undertale Not enough to deter you from genocide, it may be a no. UndertaleBattle is mostly about dodging, and Sans throws an incredible number of obstacles your way at incredibly high speed.

4 – Ornstein and Smoof – Evil spirits

I told you FromSoftware will be back. “Evil spiritsPractically synonymous with “hard boss fights,” the title duo featuring Ornstein and Smough might just be the hardest boss fight in the entire series. In the first stage, you’ll be challenged by two absurd powers at once. Survivor is very powerful in the second stage.

Ornstein and Smough is one of the many choke points in Evil spirits. It’s where a lot of players bounce back just because they can’t advance (I’m happy to announce that, unlike Starscourge Radahn, I actually beat those two). Once you get past this point, you’re really ready for anything Evil spirits can throw at you.

3. Yozora – Kingdom Hearts 3

I promise a huge presence of Kingdom Hearts On this list is not just a result of my fondness for the series. Some of these boss fights are really tough. Yozora, the final boss of Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind DLC, is one such duel.

the original Kingdom Hearts 3 It is laughably easy. The game’s impressive combat system is hampered by the fact that there are very few compelling battles in the campaign. Fortunately, the post-launch DLC provides plenty of excellent opportunities to show off your Keyblade proficiency. Yozora is lightning fast and his crossbow attacks deal a lot of damage, making this one of the most challenging boss fights ever. Also, he has done the voice of Dylan Sprouse in English. kind of weird.

2. Gabriel, Judge of Hell- Kill the extremist

Kill the extremist, the beloved ultra-fast and ultra-violent FPS game, has a lot of memorable battles. However, Gabriel, the Judge of Hell, the final boss of Chapter 2, has to be the most memorable. Gabriel is another extremely fast-damaging dealer who requires you to make the most of your toolkit.

Thank God, your toolkit Kill the extremist enormous. Taking down Gabriel by making the most of the weapons at your disposal is deeply satisfying – but you Is that true You need to know what you’re doing to get to this point.

1. Ishin, Saint Sword- Axe: Shadows die twice

Bring it on for FromSoftware’s third and final appearance on this list! Axe: Shadows die twice It may be FromSoft’s hardest game ever, and the final boss, Isshin, Sword Saint, is the perfect culmination to the game. Axe He really requires you to meet him on his terms, and Isshin expertly embodies that philosophy.

This battle requires a comprehensive understanding of AxeCombat, from Barrys to Mikiri Counters to Lightning Reflections. That’s what all good boss final battles should be about: a test of what the player has learned. Remember: indecision defeats.

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