Review: Panda Punch

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Old school games have been known to be too hard or too easy. It seems like the developers couldn’t find a happy medium, and this frustrated many gamers. As such, fans of hardcore experiences bemoaned the simple games, and those who wanted a more casual experience often got caught. Thus, modern developers have to try to find a middle ground. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and the same problems occur. Panda Bunch is one such game that disappointingly falls into this trap.

Developed by Ninja Rabbit Studios And I published it Ratallica Games, This is an old platform address. Moreover, it has some minor combat moments and some simple puzzles to complete. Accordingly, my above comments about simplicity unfortunately bear fruit. So, after several levels, Panda BunchIt, unfortunately, plateaus badly.

Panda Bunch He tells a pointless story.

You control a red panda who has unfortunately been injured. An alien invasion causes chaos and the hero loses his claw. However, luckily his dad has some spare parts lying around and somehow built him a mechanical claw. This new tool is used to eliminate enemy bots, switches, and move chests. Later in the game, the protagonist learns new abilities that help him overcome chasms and other obstacles. However, this isn’t as exciting as it sounds, as a lot of the gameplay loops are repetitive.

anyway Panda Bunch It sticks to many of the tropes much loved by old-school games, and the lack of depth and abstract stages makes you want to. On top of that, the underwhelming enemies and dull abilities are boring. On top of that, simple puzzles and generous checkpoints ensure a minimal amount of challenge and even fewer dangers. Then, you go through the motions as you complete each abominably mundane stage.

Collectibles and hidden areas.

The developers have done their best to mix things up. Honestly, they succeeded in some cases but fell short in many others. Where this title excels is when you’re trying to find special coins. These powerful tokens are hidden in plain sight and require a combination of abilities to find. As such, you cannot locate all of them until you have advanced through the game. Moreover, these collectibles are used along with cards to upgrade your equipment. Therefore, finding each one is essential as well as a fun challenge to overcome.

It’s disappointing that the game is somewhat flat and lackluster other than this mechanic. Although there are a few bosses and a small list of monsters to defeat, none of them are challenging. So, you sigh when you come across them as you toil away in the combative rinse-and-repeat process.

Panda Bunch Nicely pixelated.

The gameplay made me close my eyes in frustration. However, I used to adore visually Panda Bunch. Basic heather graphics and bright colors create those cool finishing touches. Furthermore, there was a beautiful difference in stage design between each realm. It’s annoying, though, that it took forever to progress to the next world, and that made for a boring experience.

Ninja Rabbit Studios Needed to introduce each new world much sooner. Had this happened, it would have alleviated many problems, while endlessly improving the final product.

The repetitive nature of this title is captured in its audio. The same song is being played over and over and this is not acceptable. This is then made worse by the underlying sound effects. It’s disappointing that the music and sound lack energy, and that reduces its appeal even further.

Can you eliminate every boss?

Simple controls.

The basic game needs easy controls. Luckily , Panda Bunch concedes on this score. Then, you can pick this up in no time, and you’ll understand the basics right away. However, with the introduction of new capabilities, setting up control becomes more complex. Fortunately, though, it doesn’t test you at any point.

Although I found the gameplay to be boring, there is some replay value and longevity. Thanks to each hidden area, and the special coins that you have to locate, you’ll need a good eye for detail. Other than that, it’s a good game for those who get it done, as the list of achievements is small and straightforward.

Panda Bunch disappointing.

Panda Bunch It didn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence, and unfortunately the evidence for the pudding is in the eating. Accordingly, many events are disappointing, repetitive and disappointing. Yes, the additional collectibles and abilities spiced things up, but it was too little, too late. Hence, I do not recommend this game. However, more information can be found here! Can you fend off the alien invasion and avenge your damaged hand? Jump, punch, and defeat every alien you come across.

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