Security and privacy settings are widely publicized to close Pixel Feature Drop [U]

To close out the Drop Feature for December, Google is now rolling out built-in security and privacy settings for Pixel phones running Android 13 QPR1.

Update 12/20In recent days, the Security & Privacy menu has been widely rolled out for devices other than Pixel 7. In our case, Pixel 4a, 6a, and 6 Pro. Besides checking the Settings app, another sign that it’s live is pulling up the quick settings and the new box pops up.

We have one report of Unified Settings available on Android 13 QPR2 Beta 1, but it’s not on the 7 Pro we examined this evening.

Original 9/12: In Settings, the new Security & Privacy menu uses a shield icon that features a check mark with Google’s choice to highlight “App Security, Device Lock, Permissions” in the description.

The first item on this page is a card with the status of your device and the ability to start scanning. If there are no problems, you’ll get “looks good” and a green shield check mark. If issues are identified, as in the cover photo above, you will be prompted to take action. (It’s also worth noting that the design Google showed off at I/O 2022 in May featured “protected by Android” branding that doesn’t appear today.)

eavesdropping Application security Opens Play Protect page in Google Play, while Device lock It is a drop down menu with screen lock, face unlock and fingerprint.

Google Security Check It first prompts you to select an email and then takes you to the corresponding Google account page, while find my device Opens the on / off settings. updates It notes Android security patch level and Google Play system update, while Privacy The last dropdown is:

  • Privacy Dashboard
  • Permission manager
  • privacy controls

More security settings Unchanged from before: Smart Lock, device administrator apps, encryption and credentials, authorized agents, app installation, SIM deletion confirmation.

There is, too More privacy settings: Notifications on the lock screen, Show media on the lock screen, Android system intelligence, Personal app data usage, Google Autofill, Google Location History, Activity controls, Ads, Usage and Diagnostics.

There’s also a new Security & Privacy quick settings tile/page that lets you quickly scan, as well as switch camera, microphone access, and location.

Standalone legacy security and privacy settings

How to get security and privacy

So far, we’ve encountered Security & Privacy settings on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro running Android 13 QPR1 stable after updating to all available Google Play system updates. In our case, the first came in at around 50MB and the second was less than 1MB. After that was completed (November 1, 2022), we moved to App info to forced stop Settings app.

Update: As of this evening, wide availability appears to be limited to the Pixel 7 series.

This is the last part of the December Feature Drop. Free Google One VPN app debuted at the beginning of the month, Clear Calling and unified search Pixel Launcher is live after installing Android 13 QPR1, Recorder 4.2 with speaker stickers went wide yesterday, Live Bloom is available with an update to the Pixel Live Wallpaper app via the Store Play. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro should update Android Intelligence and Digital Wellbeing to detect coughing and snoring.

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