The 10 best Andrew McCarthy movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Andrew McCarthy most recently played Dr. Ian Sullivan in 22 episodes of the resident, the character who keeps his drug use a secret from his co-workers. McCarthy is beloved for starring in many teen movies of the 1980s and is known for being part of the Brat Pack. Over the past few decades, the actor has also directed episodes of several TV shows and written several books, including Naughty: The Story of the Eighties which was published in 2021.

Looking at McCarthy’s film career, we find that some of his films have received high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Reflecting on his memorable roles shows how many different characters he’s played over the years.

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The Good Guy (2010): 35%

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Scott Porter and Alexis Bledel in The Good Guy

the good man It centers around the love triangle between Beth Vest (Alexis Bledel), her boyfriend Tommy Fielding (Scott Porter), and Tommy’s new colleague Daniel Seaver (Bryan Greenberg). Beth is attracted to both characters for different reasons. The movie is very memorable as there are endless stories of people torn between love interests and this just doesn’t add up to something different.

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The movie has a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Andrew McCarthy plays a character named Cash, who is a trader who works on Wall Street for a company called Morgan & Morgan. Its name is a bit too obvious, and the criticism is forgettable.

St. Elmo’s Fire (1985): 42%

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Kevin at St. Elmo's Fire

St. Elmo’s Fire is one of McCarthy’s most famous films and he plays one of his most likable and sympathetic characters. Kevin Dolenz lives with Kirby Keager and writes for Washington Post. Kevin is kind, calm and intelligent. Kevin’s love affair with his best friend Leslie Hunter, who is engaged to Alec Newbury, complicates matters within the close group of friends.

Although it is one of the best films of the 80s, St. Elmo’s Fire It has a relatively low rating on Rotten Tomatoes of only 42%. It may not be as popular as John Hughes’ teen movies, but the movie has something to say about growing up and never forgetting the importance of friends.

Waiting for the Moon (1987): 44%

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Linda Bassett and Andrew McCarthy in Waiting For The Moon

waiting for the moon, which has a score of 44% on Rotten Tomatoes, is about Gertrude Stein’s relationship with Alice B. Toklas, where they work together but are also dating. Others include Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso.

McCarthy plays a character named Henry Hopper which is a smaller role for him and does not have much impact on the story. The movie didn’t seem to get much attention and critics didn’t enjoy it much.

Less Than Zero (1987): 50%

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Clay and Julian sitting on a park bench in Less Than Zero

less than zero The film revolves around a young man who tries to help his friend who has walked a difficult path. McCarthy’s character, Clay Easton, returns to his hometown after his first semester at college and finds out that his friend Julian was involved with Blair, whom he used to date. Julian has been using drugs and now owes Rip a lot of money.

Based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis, less than zero It’s not one of the ’80s Brat Pack movies, but it captures some of the same themes. It may be very sad to watch for some, but it shows the close friendship between the characters and how Clay tries to be there for his friends during a difficult time.

Weekend at Bernie: 54%

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Larry, Bernie and Richard are at the beach at Bernie's Weekend

McCarthy’s role as Larry Wilson Weekend in Bernie He is one of the most beloved. Larry and Richard Parker are spending a hot summer in New York City when they go to their boss Bernie Lomax’s house for the weekend and realize he has passed away.

The comedy goes to some wild and chaotic places as the friends try to figure out what happened while also making sure they don’t get involved. While the movie can be pretty silly and a little messy at times, it’s still very memorable.

Pretty in Pink (1986): 73%

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Blane and Andie in Pretty In Pink

Pretty in pink It may be McCarthy’s most famous film. Molly Ringwald’s main character Andy Walsh is in love with McCarthy’s character Plan McDonough, who is the coolest and most popular guy in the school. The movie is kind of a fairy tale look at how high school students from two different backgrounds can fall for each other.

Blaine’s best friend Steve Mackie, played by James Spader, is one of the worst rom-com characters of the ’80s. Surprisingly, Blane is a kind-hearted person, and McCarthy played Blane with a great deal of sympathy.

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994): 76%

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Jennifer Jason Leigh and Matthew Broderick as Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle The film is about the Algonquin Round Table, which included famous author Dorothy Parker, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. The cast is full of well known actors Stanley Tucci, Wallace Shawn and Peter Gallagher.

McCarthy played Eddie Parker, Dorothy’s husband who has a drug and alcohol problem. The characters explore their creative sides and love to write but also spend a lot of time together at parties.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008): 81%

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Andrew McCarthy in The Spiderwick Chronicles

McCarthy also has a role in The Spiderwick Chroniclesthe cute family-friendly movie from 2008. Grace’s siblings are fascinated by the family home they start living in and discover the magical world there.

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McCarthy played Richard Grace, who didn’t seem to care much about his children Mallory, Simon, and Jared. While McCarthy’s characters in the ’80s are often full of sympathy for others as they find their way in the world, Richard is certainly one of his meanest.

The Joy Luck Club (1993): 86%

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Rose and Ted pose together at The Joy Luck Club

Joy Luck Club It is about a group of friends who have moved to the US from China and who are into a mahjong group together. The movie is about friendship and family and is one of the best mother-daughter movies.

McCarthy played An-Mei Hsu’s daughter-in-law’s husband, Ted Jordan. While he appears likable at first, Ted is unfaithful. McCarthy has a small role but his role is significant because this behavior has a huge impact on An-Mei and Rose.

New Waterford Girl (1999): 92%

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A pixelated photo of Mooney, Lou and Cecil in New Waterford Girl

is located in Nova Scotia, The new waterford girl It tells the story of two very different teenage friends who both want to live life to the fullest. Agnes-Marie Pottie, Mooney’s go-to, loves spending time with Lou Benzoa, who previously lived in New York City and represents who Mooney wants to be.

The new waterford girl It’s Andrew McCarthy’s Best Film on Rotten Tomatoes. The actor plays Cecil Sweeney, who teaches Mooney English and who is in love with her. McCarthy allows audiences to feel sympathy for Cecil as he faces many struggles, but he’s not the most likable McCarthy character.

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