The 11 best moments in James Cameron’s movies, ranked

Few filmmakers have helped shape the Hollywood blockbuster more than James Cameron. Starting out as a production designer on low-budget Roger Corman flicks like Horror GalaxyCameron began achieving star director status with his 1984 classic position or terminator. Since then, his films have increased in budget and acclaim. He is now known as the royalty in action films, with his epic filmography symbol picture It pushed the boundaries of special effects technology and became the second highest-grossing film of all time.

Cameron’s films, be they science fiction or romantic historical epics, are huge in scope and full of iconic moments. with the symbol picture The saga is picking up steam again, let’s take a look at some of the best moments in the director’s career.

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11/11 The band is playing – Titanic

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of the best films of the nineties, Titanic It is a sweeping historical epic and sincere romance. While it is full of amazing moments, the scene in which the ship’s band continues to play music while the ship plunges into the ocean is one of the most poignant and poignant. Based on true accounts of the eight-member band playing as they drowned to calm the nerves of fleeing passengers, their rendition of “Nearer, My God, To Thee” is emotionally stirring and a chivalrous act of heroism.

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abyss is one of the greatest sci-fi classics of the 1980s. One of the best moments from this amazing movie is when Foreman Bad makes the first face-to-face contact with underwater aliens, or extraterrestrial intelligence. Accepting death after taking a one-way trip miles below sea level, Bud is miraculously aided by adorable aliens, who create a pocket of air that allows him to breathe normally. When the aliens play a recording of Bud’s farewell message to his wife, it becomes clear that the aliens understand Bud’s situation and want to help him. It’s a powerful moment, beautifully rendered with gorgeous cinematography and state-of-the-art special effects that still hold up today.

9/11 “Nice Night for a Walk” – The Terminator

position or terminator
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One of the best science fiction movies of the 80’s. position or terminator Not only is it an iconic movie, but it’s the one that put superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger and director Cameron in the spotlight. It’s full of memorable moments, but this is one of the best. Shortly after arriving in 1984 Los Angeles from the future, the titular villain confronts a trio of supervillains, led by the great Bill Paxton, responding to their wise thoughts with a “good night outing.” When they make fun of his lack of clothes, the Terminator makes a joke at them again, agreeing that he “has nothing clean, right”. This prompts Paxton to utter one of the greatest lines in Cameron’s body of work: “I think this guy’s two less than a six-pack!” The Terminator doesn’t utter words and demands that the villains give him their clothes. What follows is a classic hit because I’m Naked, making this one of the best moments in position or terminator.

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8/11 “You’re fired” – true lies

True lies
Twentieth Century Fox

True lies is an underrated action-thriller that reunites Cameron and Schwarzenegger. Being an Arnie movie, there are a lot of great moments, but these are the key ones: Arnie pilots a fighter jet over Miami. With his daughter dangling from the cockpit, a terrorist strapped to one of his missiles, and a helicopter full of bad guys on his way, Arnie fires the missile and brings the terrorist with him, blowing up the enemy helicopter. Critic Roger Ebert described the moment as the kind of thing we “go to Arnold Schwarzenegger movies for.”

7/11 “I need your clothes, your shoes, and your motorcycle” – Terminator 2

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One of the director’s greatest films. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a sci-fi masterpiece that expands on and, in many fans’ opinions, improves upon the themes and motifs of the first finisher. In this update of the original “Your Clothes, Give It to Me” scene, the Terminator nonchalantly walks into a biker bar, completely naked, and says “I need your clothes, your shoes, your motorcycle”. The already great moment was made even better by the ensuing bar fight. The scene turns classic when the Terminator lifts the gun and sunglasses off the last biker, and zips away on a motorbike to George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone.”

6/11 Battle with Colonel Quaritch – Avatar

symbol picture
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Cameron revolutionary movie 2009 symbol picture It is a super sensual scene and an absolute 3D movie. Love it or hate it, it’s one of the most important (and expensive) films of the 21st century, and it’s had more than its fair share of iconic moments. One such moment is the climactic battle between Jake Sully and the evil Colonel Quaritch at the end of the movie. The scene pits Jake, in Na’vi form, against the Colonel’s giant mechanical suit. It’s an epic duel between superior modern weaponry and the most primitive, environment-focused fighting styles of the Na’vi people. This memorable moment ends with Jake defeating the Colonel, mirroring the Na’vi’s victory over the reckless humans in the larger conflict.

5/11 Ultimate Badass – Aliens

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One of the best sequels ever made. Aliens Slow-motion horror set in outer space replaces the first alien With fast-paced and visceral space marine action. It’s a really great action movie, but it’s also a great showcase for Bill Paxton’s eloquently unfashionable acting abilities. He steals nearly every scene, and is the special ingredient for most of the movie’s best moments. One of Paxton’s classic moments is his character’s “Ultimate Badass” speech. As the Marines descend for the first time into the space-infested colony, Paxton delivers a hilariously cocky pep talk about the many high-tech weapons at his disposal, including “sharp knives and sticks” and disconcerting “electronic-acoustic ball-cutters”.

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4/11 Helicopter Chase – Terminator 2

Terminator 2
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It is considered by many to be the best entry in finisher franchise, Terminator 2 It features many of the most exciting and explosive action sequences ever filmed. One of those sequences is the thrilling chopper chase, which sees the T-1000 pilot a helicopter mid-flight, then use it to hunt down our heroes. The scene features one of the most dangerous stunts in movie history, when the helicopter flies under a real-life highway overpass.

3/11 Ripley’s to the Rescue – Aliens

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Way over their heads in the alien-infested colony, the Colonial Marines seem doomed. That is, until Ripley gets word of it and forcefully takes over the mobile command post, strikes it out on the colony and saves the marines in this great moment from Aliens. It’s the perfect example of what The Hollywood Reporter is talking about when they describe how “Cameron isn’t as interested in fear or atmosphere, which are staples of traditional horror films, as he is in preparing his characters out of tricky situations, keeping audiences on edge on jitters.”

2/11 “Game over, man!” – Aliens

Game over, man!
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One of the most memorable moments of Aliens is “Game over man!” Speech. Delivered by Paxton, and serving as an ironic payoff for his earlier initiation with the “Ultimate Badass” speech, this moment reeks of palpable desperation with an undercurrent of humor due to the character’s arrogance. It’s one of the greatest scenes of the ’80s, and a seminal moment for Cameron.

1/11 “I have finished!” The position or terminator

position or terminator
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This is Cameron’s final moment: the demise of the Terminator, caused by the fatal blow dealt by the brilliant Linda Hamilton at the controls of a hydraulic piston. After Sarah Connor’s iconic chrome-plated endoskeleton chases through a factory, she finally reaches her nail-like self when she finishes off the Terminator, which explodes in a dazzling display of blue lightning. It’s a satisfying and heroic moment, the absolute best in Cameron’s legendary film.

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