The best movies coming to Hulu in January 2023

As the year draws to a close and we offer to bring our offering through 2022, Hulu just revealed their diverse list of brand-new movies landing the streaming giant. From killer sharks to heartfelt romantic comedies, edgy documentaries and exciting animated flicks, viewers will be thoroughly entertained with the platform’s upcoming lineup. With an already stacked catalog of exciting movies and TV shows, the player continues to dominate the content.

Scary comedy horror film by Neil LaBute Dark house Puts a vampire twist on a one night stand, as Kevin Bacon embraces his evil alter ego in this action thriller one direction. No matter your mood or the genre you choose, Hulu is sure to have a little something for everyone. Here is our list of the best movies coming to Hulu in January 2023.

Today’s movie


The Hulu original The Drop
Hulu/Phase 6 Movies

Sarah Adina Smith directed the upcoming Hulu original comedy Droplet, which centers on successful Los Angeles couple Manny (Germaine Fullauer) and Lex (Anna Kunkel) as they escape the city to attend their friend’s tropical island wedding. The once peaceful oasis soon becomes the pair’s purgatory after Lex accidentally drops a baby in front of many onlookers, causing a domino effect of chaos and raising questions about the couple’s relationship. Droplet It is already generating buzz leading up to its release, with The Observer calling it “a delightfully wicked satire of modern intimacy, both between romantic partners and among friends.”

Mia and Me: Centopia Hero

Mia and Me: Centopia Hero
Fifa Pictures

The 2022 adventure film is based on the popular German children’s fantasy series that combines live action and animation Mia and Me: Centopia Hero Follows 12-year-old Mia Marconi who, after the tragic death of her parents, receives a magical book that allows her to travel to the wonderful land of Centopia depicted in its pages.

In the movie sequel, Mia stumbles upon a mysterious stone connected to the enchanted island that she discovers is part of an ancient prophecy, leading the young girl on an exciting journey to find out her true destiny. Mia Lee It became a hit with young audiences everywhere, having been sold to over 80 territories and launching the film’s highly anticipated follow-up.


Comedy Promats
Quiver distribution

Funnymen Josh Brenner (Silicon Valley) and Lil Rey Horie (Get out) Comedy Buddy title bromate, depicting two lifelong friends who, after being separated by their girlfriends, decide to move in together in hopes of getting over their heartbreak; It doesn’t take long for the duo to realize that they lead completely different lifestyles, which causes hilarious disagreements.

Snoop Dogg serves as executive producer for the sassy and crude farce, which despite providing a few laughs garnered a mixed response from critics. In MovieWeb’s review, bromate It was described as “actually funny with several standout scenes. The cast of popular comedians keep the laughter flowing. The problem is that bromate The storytelling ran out. It’s more like a collection of charades than a coherent story.”

Dark house

Dark house
Saban Films

The tingling horror film was directed by Neil LaBute Dark houseA chilling re-imagining of the lovable Bram Stoker Dracula A tale featuring Kate Bosworth as Mina Murray, who, after meeting a handsome stranger (Justin Long) in a bar, invites the man to her secluded, castle-like home.

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The horror comedy had its international premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival where it received widespread praise for its biting social commentary, excellent performances and sharp dialogue. Variety praised Dark house By announcing that it “nicely comments on the newly uncertain dynamics of modern dating, as ‘gentle men’ claim they no longer know how to move on.”

Riotsville, USA

Riotsville Documentary, USA
Magnolia Pictures

Sierra Pettengill chronicles the civil unrest during the 1960s in America in her captivating historical documentary Riotsville, USA, using archival footage depicting the titular government-built small town as a way for the military to train and practice their response to civil unrest. Pettengill first learned about fictional and simulated cities after discovering a Rick Pearlstein novel Nixonland This led the director to extensively research the troubling period in the country’s complex history. Riotsville, USA It received two nominations at the Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards and was a hit with critics, with a score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

one direction

Thriller One Way
Saban Films

Hollywood hit star Kevin Bacon stars alongside Travis Fimmel and Coulson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) in the action-packed thriller one directiontells the story of Freddy, a petty criminal who steals drugs and money from a dangerous gang boss and is forced to run, though he discovers that he quickly loses time after being shot in his escape attempts.

The racy picture features Bacon in the role of Freddy’s cold and ruthless father, to whom the young man turns for help but is ultimately betrayed. When discussing what prompted him to appear in it one directionBacon told Screen Rant, “I love contained thrillers. I love those kind of stories like that where you just go for a spin, and it’s pedal to the metal from top to bottom.”


Thomas Jane in digging
Saban Films

Thomas Jane plays a man on a survival mission in the 2022 action thriller drilling, in which the veteran star appears as a grieving widow who is taken hostage alongside his deaf daughter by an insane couple (Emile Hirsch and Liana Liberato) just as he is about to demolish his home. Gene Scott Brennan must find a way to outwit his deranged captors and keep his family (portrayed by Jane’s real-life daughter Harlow Jean) safe, while they fight to survive the terrifying night.

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The father/daughter acting duo enjoyed turning to their real-life, personal relationship for inspiration for their performances, with Screen Rant’s elder Jane saying, “We’re making art here, but we blur the line, and that was also part of the challenge and the fun of doing something like this. It’s a unique experience where There is a reality to who we are [doing]It’s there all the time.”


Maneater horror movie
Saban Films

A group of vacationing friends finds that their peaceful island getaway turns into a terrifying experience when they are pursued by a deadly white shark in this action-horror movie. maneater. Nicky Whelan plays Jessie Quilan, a woman who is devastated after the impending fallout of her marriage, so her best friend encourages her to stick with her pre-paid honeymoon and get her due money. A bride must fight for her life when her healing getaway is ruined and she is terrorized by the ruthless shark. maneater They star Jeff Fahey and Trace Adkins as local residents trying to put an end to the animal’s bloody rampage.

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