The first trailer for Shadowhunters star Alisha Wainwright’s new horror movie

If the unpredictability of children really puts you on edge, There is something wrong with children It will take you to a whole new level of horror.

The film, which will be released by Paramount Movies on January 17, stars Alisha Wainwright (from Shadow hunters And the Raise debts) Half of two couples on a weekend getaway with kids.

The official trailer was just released, and it looks like this movie is going to take the scary kids genre to its very limits.

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Director Roxanne Benjamin gave insight into her thoughts on the film, saying (via Entertainment Weekly): “I’ve always been careful with kids, just because they’re in their own world, and don’t necessarily adhere to any social norms. There’s just something weird about that.”

Benjamin also gave a rough description of the plot: “A couple heads out for the weekend to catch up. One couple, having marital problems, convinces the other couple to watch their kids all night, and then they lose the kids.”

“Kids come back and start to think something might be wrong with the kids.”

Paramount Pictures

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From the trailer, it appears that “Something’s Not Right” might be an understatement of the Horn. The children are seen handling weapons, have nosebleeds, and have eyes glowing unnaturally. It looks like a textbook possession of something inside the woods (the city only explodes from now on).

Benjamin took the time to explain how excited she was to have Wainwright on board, as she was a huge fan of her previous work.

Alicia, I really like you Raise debtsand she worked with the kids, and she was used to that schedule, which was also a big bonus.”

Hopefully, Wainwright will use her overpowered child-arguing skills Raise debts To make sure this weekend doesn’t turn into a nightmare weekend.

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