The Football Association confirms that Gareth Southgate will remain as England coach

The Football Association has confirmed that Gareth Southgate will remain England manager until Euro 2024.

Sky Sports News has been able to confirm initial press reports that Southgate is “convinced” he should continue as manager, having initially told FA chiefs he needed to take some time to think about his future, following England’s World Cup quarter-final exit to France. .

Southgate will now remain in charge of England in his fourth major tournament at the helm.

A statement from FA Chief Executive Mark Bullingham read: “We are delighted to confirm Gareth Southgate will continue as England manager, and he will lead our campaign at Euro 2024. Gareth and (assistant) Steve Holland have always had our full support, and our planning for the Euros begins now. “.

Southgate led England to the semi-finals of the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and the European Championship final last summer, before reaching the quarter-finals in Qatar.

In the build-up to this year’s tournament, there has been significant criticism of Southgate after a poor run of results.

No manager in England has more Championship wins

Relegation to League B of the Nations League after losing twice to Hungary, drawing twice against Germany and drawing and defeating Italy, raised serious questions about his future.

But even after the positive response to the team’s run in the last eight, Southgate stressed that he needed a period of reflection to decide on the best course of action.

“I think the more I finish these tournaments, the more I need time to make the right decisions,” he said upon exiting the tournament.

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After defeat by France in the World Cup quarter-finals, England boss Gareth Southgate says he will ‘take some time’ to think about his future before making a decision.

“Emotionally, you go through so many different emotions. The energy you spend during these tournaments is massive.

“I want to make the right decision, whatever that may be, for the team, for England, for the Football Association. I have to make sure the decision I make is the right one.”

How Southgate came to a quick decision about his future

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Rob Dorsett feels Gareth Southgate’s announcement to continue as England manager is motivated by his belief that the team will have a chance to challenge at Euro 2024.

Sky Sports News correspondent Rob Dorsett said:

“The fact that Southgate decided, just eight days after England were defeated by France, is significant. He has recovered very quickly and there are a number of key factors that have convinced him it would be a mistake to leave now.

“Firstly, all the players were very supportive of him. They were all adamant that they wanted him to stay.

“He also thinks that England can win something. And that this team, with the young players coming in, has a real chance of challenging in Germany in 18 months for the European Championship. If he were to go out now and there was someone else to take that glory, I think he would feel bitter about it and will probably regret it for the rest of his career.

“He spoke with his family and his assistant, Steve Holland, and decided he needed that, and he had the energy and desire to stay on as England coach until after Euro 2024.”

Neville: Staying at Southgate was the right decision

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Gary Neville has responded to the announcement of Gareth Southgate’s decision to stay on as England manager, saying there was no huge talent pool to replace him and it “didn’t feel right” with him leaving.

Sky Sports football analyst Gary Neville responded to Gareth Southgate’s stay:

“I think it was the right decision,” Neville told Sky Sports News.

“When I saw it was going to be discussed in the new year, I didn’t think it would work, and left it hanging for so long. I felt it had to be dealt with and the fact that it was brought up overnight is welcome.”

“It puts them to bed, and it allows everyone to focus for the next 18 months. If there is a change it will be after the next tournament, that means a proper succession plan can be put in place.

Southgate has the best possession statistic

“I didn’t feel good about Gareth leaving and I also didn’t feel he or the FA got anything, either for their careers or for the FA to replace Gareth.

“We played well in this tournament, we played well against France, I think we were the better team tonight and that happens in football sometimes.

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Café Soulkol and Rob Dorsett analyze England’s World Cup quarter-final defeat by France

“I know we always want an autopsy, a scapegoat, blame, but that’s not really there for me in this tournament. I think the players, the coaches and the coaches handled it very well, accepting the quarter-final loss, there will be those, myself included, thinking “Why can’t we cross the line?”

“But having not crossed the line myself a few times, I understand.”

Southgate ‘desperately wants to win’

Gareth Southgate asked England to focus more after their 6-2 victory over Iran

Southgate has never won a trophy as manager but despite calls from some quarters to replace him with a head coach with a trophy-proven track record, Neville says his former England team-mate has made vast improvement and outperformed more established names. From the past who managed the national team.

“These two are mutually exclusive and you can’t have what Gareth brought – respect, integrity, good football, good performances – and then win, I don’t agree with that,” Neville said.

“This notion that cute Gareth Southgate can’t win a championship with England, I don’t buy into it.

“We brought in Sven-Goran Eriksson who was apparently a tough winner and so was Fabio Capello, coaches who have had success at club level, nothing like what Gareth did with England. Let’s put that to bed.

“For the last 10 years we’ve wanted a better team, a more technical team, better performance, get to the last stages of competitions, retain possession… Gareth has done all of those things.

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Liverpool midfielder Harvey Elliott has enjoyed watching England at the World Cup and says he will have to work even harder if he is to have a chance to be part of the squad for the 2026 World Cup.

“It made us feel better playing for England again, it made our players and our game respected all over the world. We’re in a good place. With the success of the women’s team, with the success of the youth team, England have done a really good 10 times over the years, that’s the idea we need to bring This killer strong winner and all of a sudden we’ll be fine, I don’t buy it.

“I’ve played for Southgate, I’ve known him for a long time – he wants so badly to win. Don’t be fooled by that pretty facade just because he’s polite when he talks to people and he does press conferences he’s articulate.

“Remember the way he took some big decisions and he was more difficult to deal with than a lot of England managers over the years who bottled big names and brought them straight back into the team.”

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