The most watched film on Qantas flights has been revealed

With the return of international tourism and long-distance travel this year, so has the tradition of watching movies on board at 38,000 feet.

But one film — and one genre — stood out in the publications in particular, according to Qantas.

The national carrier shared what customers were watching in 2022, with travelers collectively spending more than 60 million hours using in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi this year – doubling the usage figures for 2019.

However, this year’s best airline movies and favorites of 2019 had a lot in common, with blockbuster action and reboots dominating passenger watchlists.

Top Gun: Maverick It topped the Qantas movie charts with over 750,000 views, despite only being released in September. In that first month alone, Tom Cruise’s car was seen by an average of one in three customers, according to the airline, with passengers apparently not put off by the film’s opening plane crash sequence, which sees Cruise’s character disintegrate at faster than his speed. the sound. An aircraft during an unauthorized test flight.

The sequel to the award-winning 1986 The best The film sees Cruise and Val Kilmer reprise the roles of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and Tom “Iceman” Kazansky. Not only is it the most-watched movie in the air of 2022, but it’s also the highest-grossing movie in theaters, becoming the 49th billion-dollar-grossing movie worldwide.

It was the second most watched movie on the plane No time to die, the last James Bond film starring Daniel Craig; Action comedy Sandra Bullock the lost City; Major Brad Pitt killer Express train; and a biographical crime drama Gucci house Starring Lady Gaga.

In 2019, it was Qantas’ top movies A star is born A remake (also starring Lady Gaga), superhero movies followed Avengers: Endgame.

It was the number one TV show this year SuccessionAccording to Qantas customers, passengers spend more than 243,000 hours watching the series that follows the life of wealthy fictional media mogul Roy, starring Brian Cox, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin.

It followed closely Sex and the City Biology And just like thatand the Yellowstone The prequel to 1883, with each hour cutting about 200,000 hours.

In the in-flight audio category, Health and Wellness is proving popular with travelers with its meditation album 417 Hz alertness by Miracle Tones, and Solfeggio Healing MT frequencies Topping the audio charts – marking the first time Meditation Audio has done it. Adele 30 It emerged as the most streamed pop album.

Qantas’ Brisbane-Perth service was the most connected route, with 95 per cent of customers taking advantage of free in-flight Wi-Fi – well above the network average of just over 60 per cent.

The results come on the heels of Qantas being named seventh in the global airline rankings for the world’s best inflight entertainment at this year’s World Airline Awards. Emirates Airlines, United Airlines and Qatar Airways occupied the top three positions in that category.

The Australian carrier has made a number of improvements to its in-flight offering this year, including adding a Paramount+ category for expanded broadcast options. Qantas has also completed a wide rollout of personal device-streamed inflight entertainment on QantasLink regional aircraft, as well as international and domestic services.

The use of inflight entertainment apps has grown exponentially in recent years, as airlines increasingly improve in-flight Wi-Fi offerings and cut expenses by eliminating heavy seatback entertainment screens.

Qantas has joined Virgin Australia and Jetstar in ditching seatback screens on many of its domestic flights, following an industry-wide trend to reduce weight and thus lower fuel costs.

Top five movies watched on Qantas’ in-flight entertainment system in 2022:

  1. Top Gun: Maverick
  2. No time to die
  3. the lost City
  4. Express train
  5. Gucci house

Top five TV shows

  1. Succession
  2. And just like that…
  3. 1883
  4. Hello
  5. trance

Top five shows for kids

  1. Coral battle
  2. bluish
  3. Speedy and his amazing friends
  4. Kangaroo Beach
  5. Big Nate

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