The next James Bond star has been singled out by the British public with a chilling result

After the movie No Time To Die hit cinemas, Daniel Craig walked away from the legendary role of James Bond. After 15 years and five movies, his stint as an action hero is finally over. Bond bosses have since stated that they will announce the next star of the role in the coming years, but the British public has other ideas.

Rainbow Riches Casino recently asked British Bond aficionados who should take over as 007’s seventh official star. In a poll of 2,000 votes, British voters had their say and ultimately decided Tom Hardy was the best choice for the job.

Hardy received 24 percent of the total vote – nearly 500 in all. This is a huge victory for the Venom star, as he is now the nation’s favorite actor to continue the legacy of Bond, James Bond.

Hardy was previously rumored to have been cast as 007 backstage. While these reports were never confirmed, his Bond odds have since gone up. Ladbrokes has recently given Hardy odds of 7/1 to claim the role – but he is being beaten by a host of key players.

Second in Britain’s vote was the indelible Idris Elba.

Elba is best known for appearing in the Marvel universe playing Detective Luthor. In recent years, he has played Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad. And these roles undoubtedly contributed to his popularity in the Bond vote.

Elba received 17 percent of the vote, making him Britain’s second choice to play the next 007 after Craig.

Bond bosses seem to feel the same way about the star, recently speaking candidly about Elba’s place in the franchise’s future.

Bond president Barbara Broccoli said at the start of the year, “Well, we know Idris, I’m friends with him and he’s an amazing actor. You know, he was part of the conversation.”

However, she recently retracted these comments about Elba.

Broccoli noted that Elba’s 50-year-old age may be his biggest crutch. She said: The thing is, [the Bond announcement] It will be two years off. And when we play Bond, it’s a 10-12 year commitment. So he’s probably thinking: “Do I really want this thing?” Not everyone wants to do this. It was hard to get [Daniel Craig to do it]. “

Bond boss Michael G. Wilson added, “He was in his early 30s at the time!”

Coming in at number three in Britain’s selection is Peaky Blinders legend Cillian Murphy. He received nine percent of the vote, making him another one of the most voted stars in the race.

Murphy has spoken openly about not wanting to be the champion. He previously said: “I think [007] It has to be a woman, and that rules me out.”

Other candidates in the Rainbow Riches Casino poll were also in attendance. Henry Cavill achieved eight percent of Britain’s vote, closely followed by former One Direction star Harry Styles, who received four percent of the vote.

The company’s senior brand manager said: “Since it was announced that No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s last James Bond film, rumors have swirled about who the next James Bond will be. Our research found that Tom Hardy would be a popular choice to be the next 007, with Idris Elba Also a fan favorite, AI also seems to agree that Tom Hardy “looks the part ‘Really!

Notably absent from the poll was Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who currently holds the lead with odds of 2/1 from Ladbrokes.

Bookmaker Alex Abbate said: “Our dealers were somewhat scratching their heads after seeing Aaron Taylor-Johnson jump to the head of the betting, but he still held the lead in the race to replace Daniel Craig, with Henry Cavill now his closest rival in the 007 party”.

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