The weirdest Christmas movies of all time

The holiday season is “the most wonderful time of the year,” and apparently, there really is a holiday movie out there for everyone. Obviously there are classic Christmas movies like It’s a wonderful life And the Christmas storyThere are countless Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies, there are dark or sad Christmas movies for loneliness or mourning, there are Christmas horror movies, suspenseful comedy movies, and Christmas musicals. For every type of movie, there is a Christmas variant. However, some Outliers have stood the test of time as truly bizarre and unique films, and sometimes just outright holiday movies. These are some of the weirdest Christmas movies ever.

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The nightmare before christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993
Touchstone Pictures

Just because it became a Christmas classic doesn’t mean it isn’t weird. Sure, it’s a thematically great movie, but also a thematically weird one. The nightmare before christmas It tells the story of a town celebrating Halloween in a larger world where each town celebrates only one holiday and spends the rest of the year preparing for it. One year, Jack the Pumpkin King, the scariest of them all, decides he’s tired of Halloween and needs to celebrate Christmas instead.

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Instead of learning Christmas from the pros, he thinks Santa Claus is Sandy Claus and sends a group of bathtub ghoul kids to kidnap the whole purpose of Christmas Town, Santa himself. This movie takes a lot of twists and turns that don’t scream Christmas, but they sure do. Although how strange The nightmare before christmas He is And the fact that Tim Burton and Christmas don’t look right together, this remains a fun movie to watch during the Halloween or Christmas season and has been surprisingly embraced by the mainstream.

Santa Claus AKA Santa Claus vs. Satan

Santa Claus, AKA Santa Claus Vs.  Satan
Azteca Films Inc.

In the 1959 low budget Mexican fantasy film Santa Claus vs SatanSanta and the devil wrestle on Christmas. Santa Claus wants to make all the children happy, while Satan, his demon minions, and three naughty boys they recruit want to destroy Christmas once and for all. Santa isn’t alone in his battle – he’s got the magical Merlin to help him defeat the Devil in this wacky, visually imaginative, yet morally sound Christmas movie.

evil santa

evil santa
Miramax Movies

evil santa is a dark comedy where two con men get together one night a year for a not-so-fun shenanigans. Willie T. Stokes (Billy Bob Thornton) and his partner (Tony Cox) disguise themselves as a shopping mall Santa and his elf presence to fool holiday shoppers. This particular Christmas, things will not go well. Willie is a sad, drunken mess who is off his game; In fact, he may have developed a soft parental place for an obnoxious little boy he meets. This Santa probably won’t end up being evil in the end, but he’s definitely not the Santa who inspires family movie night.


Santa Claus conquers Mars

Embassy photos

The Martians don’t have a Santa Claus, so they decide to steal it from Earth so that the children of their planet can get gifts too. However, two children from Earth put an end to Santa’s involvement very quickly and return him to Earth. Santa Clauses are free, Martians don’t get presents, and all is well Santa Claus conquers MarsMovie dream fever if there was one.

violent night

Brutal movie night with david harbour
Universal Pictures

while violent night New movie, it’s definitely one of the weirdest Christmas spots. The movie follows a wealthy family on a compound as they are invaded by a team of mercenaries, but the soldiers better watch out because Santa Claus is coming to town, and he knows they’ve been naughty. There is no world where Santa Claus and the military’s Secret Service go together, especially the R-rated blood, violence, and sexual references, which makes Volant night A wonderfully awful holiday treat.

mean one

mean one
XYZ Movies

Another new but definitely weird Christmas movie is mean one. Similar to how Santa and self-defense don’t mix, Cindy Lou and violent killers don’t get it. After Cindy witnesses the Grinch kill her parents, she has held a grudge for 20 years and decides the only thing she can do is trap and kill the Grinch. While the horror of Christmas doesn’t seem far removed from how many Americans feel back home for the holidays, taking on a children’s story like the Grinch is pretty eerie.

Christmas Icetastrophe

Christmas Icetastrophe

This movie has forbidden unrequited love as much as Romeo and Juliet, if instead of the Montagues and Capulets, they were families squabbling in a small town on Christmas after a meteor strike. Winter meteor explosions hit two parts of the city in Christmas Icetastrophe, one on a mountainside and the other directly on Main Street, the latter bringing icy cold and freezing temperatures on Christmas Day. After witnessing the accident, these young star-crossed lovers know they must go against their families’ wishes and do whatever it takes to save their town.


Krampus movie
Legendary pictures

Krampus It sits on the old European folk side of the holiday spirit. It is a horned beast that punishes them instead of giving coal to naughty children. In this hilarious but bad movie, young boy Max loses the Christmas spirit and later unleashes a horned Christmas monster with a vengeance. Despite not being the most functional of the family, they all have to band together to save Christmas and themselves.

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While a folksy portrayal of the holiday season can be an interesting change of pace, it’s the reviews that really make the movie weird. Scrolling through parent review sites, many parents will discuss throwing a family down a hell hole and in the same paragraph they will mention how it is family friendly from 10 and up, checking out that it has great models for kids. Perhaps some parents would like to visit their children’s Krampus instead of Santa. The movie is weird on its own, but totally sinister with parental reviews.

Santa with muscles

Santa With Muscles, starring Hulk Hogan
Cabin fever entertainment

You might be wondering: If Santa has all this muscle, what does he do with all the cookies he collects in a hundred million homes in one night? in a Santa with musclesAnd the Blake Thorn (Hulk Hogan) is a cocky millionaire who made his fortune selling bodybuilding supplements until he hits his head while evading the police in a Santa Claus outfit. When he comes to him, he really thinks he’s Santa – but he’s got muscles.

Since Santa Claus made him want to be a better person, Blake has removed the evil scientist, Ebner Frost, who wants to destroy the orphanage that Thorn was raised in because there are magic crystals underneath. if you think Jingle all the way It was ridiculous, wait till you see this.

Santa and ice cream bunny

Santa and Ice Cream Bunny
R&S Film Projects

Santa and ice cream bunny It’s a psychedelic ride for a Christmas movie, with a movie-within-a-movie to boot. Santa is stranded on a Florida beach after a reindeer overheats and throws him away, leaving him to make his way back to the North Pole. Tom Sawyer, a man in a gorilla suit, and Huckleberry Finn use farm animals to try to free Santa, but nothing works.

Since it doesn’t work, Santa tells everyone Thumbelina’s story, and then out of nowhere, the infamous Ice Cream Bunny appears and saves Santa. The movie ends as they all drive off in a big red fire truck. The content of this movie would be weird even if it made sense, but it isn’t. If anything, it’s a collection of legends that make each other seem even more ridiculous (Jack and the Beanstalk, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus).

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