Top 10 Christmas movies with the biggest box office hits

Of the many Christmas traditions out there, some people enjoy watching movies, especially if they are Christmas themed. Starting in the 1990s, there was a boom in holiday movies. Many of these films have become central to many people’s celebrations. The magic around them was there from the very first viewing, which explains their stellar performance at the box office.

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Whether it’s movies for the whole family or even Christmas-themed rom-coms, all of these movies have earned a place in Hollywood history thanks to the money they’ve earned. Of course, this only reflects its popularity among the public at the time of its release.

10/10 Santa Claus is my absolute favourite


Santa Claus Santa and Charlie

first batch in Santa Clause franchise, Santa Clause Scott follows Calvin, a divorced man who becomes Santa after he accidentally throws the actual Santa off his roof on Christmas Eve. In order not to lose visitation rights to his son, he must prove to everyone that he is not lying.

Since its debut in 1994, Santa Clause It has become a staple when it comes to Christmas movies. The idea that the common man can become Santa, while also dealing with his familiar life, makes for a magical plot. Adults and children are sure to dream about the possibilities, so it took in $190,539,357 at the box office.

9/10 Vacation doubled its budget over earnings


Kate Winslet and Jack Black in The Holiday.

Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz star Holiday Like Iris and Amanda, two women suffering from heartbreak switch homes over the holidays to avoid further pain. Both women find love where they least expect it, and after several complications, they all get a happily ever after.

Holiday It is a key rom-com from the early 2000s. In addition, she belongs to a very small circle of Christmas-themed love stories. With its creative script and great cast, the movie was an absolute hit for its time and grossed $205,850,134 against a budget of $85 million.

8/10 Elf is for those who don’t like cheese movies


Elf's Will Ferrell takes lessons alongside the kids

Jon Favreau dwarf It stars Will Ferrell as Buddy, a human raised by elves in the Arctic who travels to New York in an effort to meet his biological father. Since Buddy doesn’t really understand human privacy, his adventure proves to be more difficult than expected.

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dwarf is a wholesome story, but Will Ferrell does a great job of keeping the emotions properly balanced with the humor. Unlike other Christmas movies, this one doesn’t force a moral lesson. Instead, his main goal is to make the audience laugh, which he certainly achieves. This movie grossed $225,097,437 in theaters worldwide.

7/10 Love Actually Anthology of Love Stories


All the main characters are actually in love

Starring acting legends like Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Keira Knightley, Really love It is a collection of romantic stories that take place during Christmas. Although the stories contain individual narratives, they are all interconnected thanks to the personal relationships between the characters.

When it comes to Christmas, it’s easy to think of the familiar love, but people tend to forget the romance. Really love, directed by Richard Curtis, attempts to remind audiences that there is always time to find true love, even in the midst of the holiday chaos. The film grossed $245,203,167.

6/10 Polar Express was awarded the Guinness Book of Records


The Polar Express train arrives in the snow at the Polar Express.

When a strange train en route to the North Pole stops to pick up a group of children, those who have stopped believing in Santa realize they were wrong. With the voices of Tom Hanks, Nona Jay, and Peter Scolari, pole clarification It is based on the 1985 book by Chris Van Allsburg.

beautiful adventure, pole clarification It made history as the first all-digital capture film. Although people often joke about the canyon’s whimsical nature of its characters, this movie is a rich story focused on reminding the audience that Christmas is all about faith. It earned $315,249,768 at the box office.

5/10 A Christmas Carol is Disney’s third adaptation of this tale


Scrooge in Christmas Carols looks crazy

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, Christmas carol It is a 2009 Disney film based on the novel by Charles Dickens. The movie, animated through motion capture, sees Ebenezer Scrooge meditating on the true spirit of Christmas with the help of the Ghosts of Christmas.

One of the best adaptations of A Christmas Carol, this movie has a passionate ensemble cast like Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, and Colin Firth. If anything, he was slightly criticized for not capitalizing on Carey’s talent for humor. However, audiences still loved it, and it took in $325,286,646 at the box office.

4/10 It’s impossible not to love how the Grinch stole Christmas


The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).

Based on Dr. Seuss’ book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas It explores the off-kilter friendship between Cindy Lou, an intelligent and sympathetic six-year-old from Whoville, and the Grinch, a misanthropic hermit living in Mount Crumpit. Although Cindy tries to save the Grinch from itself, the creature chooses to ruin Christmas for Whoville as revenge for being bullied.

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Jim Carrey’s work How the Grinch Stole Christmas Flawless, but he’s not the only cast member that makes this movie such a great experience. From Taylor Momsen to Christine Baranski, the cast of this movie don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes it incredibly fun, while also treating the audience with great performances. No wonder it earned $345,823,032 at the box office.

3/10 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a great sequel


A Home Alone 2: Lost In New York poster featuring Kevin and the Wet Bandit.

While his family travels to Florida for Christmas, Kevin McCallister encounters the Wit Bandits for the second time. Now in New York after boarding the wrong plane, Kevin uses his genius to stop Marv and Harry from robbing a toy store owned by Mr. Duncan, a kind man who plans to donate his profits to a children’s hospital.

Sequels are rarely better than the original movie, however home alone 2 Still delivers. Following the same formula as the first movie, this movie guarantees fun for the whole family. Her sense of humor is undoubtedly ageless, so the whole family can watch it without any problem. Its grand total was $358,994,850.

2/10 Home Alone Forever will always be a must-see for Christmas


Macaulay Culkin smiles like Kevin after defeating the robbers

A classic game from the 90’s Home Alone It tells the story of Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), a slick kid who protects his home from two burglars after his family leaves him behind during a trip to Paris for the holidays. Directed by Chris Columbus, this film was the second highest-grossing film of 1990, surpassed only by the blockbuster a ghost.

Home AloneA sense of humor is healthy enough for the whole family to enjoy. Although it has aged languidly in certain aspects, like all ’90s films, it contains some of cinema’s most iconic moments. This movie is the second highest grossing Christmas movie of all time. He earned $476,684,675.

1/10 The Grinch reimagined this famous story


The Grinch looks annoyed as he puts on a scarf

in a greenwich, Cindy Lou tries to trap Santa to ask him to help her mom. Instead, she catches the Grinch, who is trying to ruin Whoville’s tree lighting ceremony. Meeting Cindy puts Lou Grinch on a path to becoming a better person until he actually accepts Cindy as his friend.

With the voices of Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones and Kenan ThompsonGreenwich It is an animated version of this Dr. Seuss story. If previous versions of this story weren’t kid friendly enough, this movie has made it possible for kids of all ages to enjoy it. With $512,858,819, it is the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time.

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